julia & her heart houses


Heart Foundation Lottery house II -

Heart Foundation Lottery house I -

Im always popping across to Studio Home Creative to check out Julias finds. She always features new & interesting artists & designers from around NZ & Australia, & her blog is a constant source of inspiration.

I was searching her posts the other day, on a serious mission to find some photos Im sure exist... somewhere... Anyhow! I came across the pics she posted of the interiors she's designed & they are sweet! Sometimes I wish I was lucky enough to have a job like hers.

Check out more images here, here or here.

go paper!

My friend asked me for some decorating advice the other day for her mums house - now theres a first!!
Her parents are in the middle of renovating & cant decide on paint or paper for their bedroom.
Im going to suggest this wallpaper, but only as a feature wall. I dont think they'll be into it, but you never know!!

Image found via design*sponge

hardwick & cesko

Are these paper cut prints not amazing??!!!
I like lines, I like black & white, I like insane detail. I love these! especially the top one :)

You can see close ups off the detail here.

pedro's long lost cousin

Poor Pedro, everyone thinks he will crack under their weight - oh dear! Perhaps he needs a big boned brother to help him out?

I like Pedro, bless his lightweight soul. He reminded me of this lovely, though slightly worse-for-wear chair we used in a photo shoot last year.

the pedro boys

Meet Pedro (above) the first born son of Candywhistle's founding designer Craig Bond & his older brother Pedro High...

I want :)

present & correct

I dont know how or where I found the link to Present & Correct, but their Crow Shooting Chart is cool ya?

Oh, Ive just found a link to their etsy shop!

need some colour inspiration?

Ive been wondering how people decide on a colour theme for their wedding. Im guessing its usually a combination of the bride & grooms favourite colours, or could be a reflection of current colour trends, but I wouldnt actually know.

If you're in need of some colour inspiration for your up & coming nuptials (Im certainly not, Im just curious is all!) then snippet & ink are your people!
My favourite colour combo's are the following ~

red & green -

mustard yellow, powdery blue & cream -

apple green, black & white -

shell pink & sleek black-

could you be this brave?

I just remembered I had these images to post - talk about a super explosion of colour! Its like someone woke up, put a blind fold on & then painted & decorated the house.
I love it. The colours are crazy & loud & everything works. There is only one word to describe owner Matthew Williamson, & that is BRAVE. Big ups.

ive been busy...

Admittedly Ive been procrastinating but Ive also almost finished my painting! My deadline is next Thursday, and I think I may finish before then... but then again, now that Im almost done I probably wont touch the thing again till wednesday & then Ill be in a mad panic.
I finished work early today, so decided to tackle the painting, & Im quite pleased with what Ive achieved - I'd been stumped on the wings but I think Ive basically cracked them.
The finishing touches will be a super super glossy coat of vanish & a small diamante on the end of the ring. What do you think? Will it pass as a wedding present??
Ill make sure I post the finished painting.

no sign of goldilocks

Weirdly I look at this & am instantly reminded of 'Goldilocks & the Three Bears', or in this case 'No Goldilocks & the 100 Bears'.

my shopping list...

I havent had a free weekend since December & have a growing number of shops I desperately want to check out.

1. Ruby & Sol
62 Williamson Ave, Grey Lynn -

2. Mrs Jones
Millstream Building, 17 Elizabeth St, Warkworth
(a bit out of the city, im thinking this visit will need to include a beach swim - yay!!)

3. Just Plane Interesting
99 Parrs Cross Rd, Henderson -

My first free weekend isnt until the 14th March (im counting down!!) & im totally hanging out for it - cant wait to do some snooping & (hopefully) no buying - my motto at the moment is save, save, save!! However I think this might be the perfect opportunity to find bits & pieces for my jewellery drawer project.
NB/ All photos found via lovely shops NZ

these are my cushions

Ive been told I need to post more of the accessories I design. So to start the ball rolling here are my latest cushions.
The inspiration for this range came from a piece of vintage fabric I found at Salvage & gave a modern twist through use of colour & combinations of textures & textiles. 
The cushions are about to hit the shops, so fingers crossed!

the things people do for their pets

There are cat lovers, and then there are cat lovers.
These people have built a cat friendly house, can you imagine?! Its a total adventure play ground, has been designed for both the cats & owners needs & still manages to look cool.
Brilliant! The cats at my flat are seriously jealous.

AWOL posts & leo

My blog is being a bitch & I cant see any of my posts.... im sure they're there, somewhere...

Meet Leo everyone, isnt he gorgeous??!! I went up north for a wedding & this was one of the dogs at the house I was staying at. God, you should have seen the house - AMAZING!!! views to die for. I wish I was still away...


Why do balloons make me feel so happy? Is it because they suggest that a party is about to happen, or is underway? 
And! we all know that parties + balloons equal...FUN!!

thats mary kate?!!

Woah! I would never, ever, have known this was Mary Kate Olsen if it hadnt have said!!

ive been tagged...

Ive been tagged by Sara over at Sara Says Awesome, & have been trying to think of 6, slightly interesting, random tihngs to tell you about - its difficult, but here goes!...

1. I hate coffee.
I cant say 'lets goes for a coffee' I have to say 'lets got for a coffee, oh, but i wont have a coffee, Ill have a chai'. On the flip side I love the smell of coffee & coffee flavoured things. weird?

2. I am platinum blonde, 6 foot tall & not a model!!
I finally let my hairdresser (who is amazing, may I add!) loose on my hair & now strangers think they recognize me from magazines...ummm, no!

3. I used to moonlight as a bartender (think Tom Cruise in Cocktail!!) & am now applying to moonlight as an ambulance officer!
Ill be designing home accessories by day & sticking plasters by night!!

4. I know every word to (almost) every song but if you ask me who the artist is or the name of the song I couldn't tell you.

this is the closest i have ever been to watching star wars - so funny!!

I have never watched star wars. When I die, my tombstone will say -
1982 - ??
never watched star wars.
It will be my claim to fame. Oh, & my real name isn't Carina. Carina isn't even my middle name, but thats what everyone knows me as. Its confusing!!

6. I have a 1977 1303-S fuel injected vw beetle. Its one of the loves of my life. She could fly up the bombays*, but has momentarily retired from the road so she can be lovingly restored. 

* the bombays are a steep hill range that even the fastest, newest, cars at times struggle to drive up!!