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Third Drawer Down. Makes doing the dishes so much fun.

sleeping with the artist

Father Rabbit & their artist in residence, Bayley from Birdinabunnysuit, have released this beautiful egyptian cotton bedlinen range.

As summer slowly draws to a close, this Birdsong quilt from Father Rabbit would make the perfect accessory for those cooler autumn nights.

Spots, Dots, whatever you want to call them... so simple, so timeless, so addictiveI love this dotty pillowcase.

beneath the sun

If we think about it enough, perhaps the rain will disappear & the sun will come out. Please?


Castle joins forces with Gorman. Quite successfully I think :)

a good scandal!

Ive always wondered what the knife and fork thought about this.
Inject some fun into doing the dishes with this new tea towel from Gorgi.

I am lovely the exchange rate at the moment.
It means I can afford things like this.

rose & english mustard

Colour combo loveliness.
I might have to adopt this for my wire chair project.

talented hands

Bonnie & Neil hand make & hand print their table ware.
Its beautiful isnt it?

another endemic world goodie...

Im not sure what the idea is behind this tea towel design, but I sure do like it. Perhaps they did it simply because it was going to look cool? or am I missing something?...

the tree of life

I really need some new winter shoes, but instead am tempted to spend my money on this rug from Trade Aid. It was love at first sight...surely I can't let it go? 

Leah, you make my heart sing!


I adore these quilt! Have I posted them before?
Probably, I just love them so much!!
Has anyone ever made a quilt? Are they easy to make??
A winter project perhaps...

(I cant remember where I found this image...sorry!)

a little dilemma

I am having a slight cushion dilemma. Nothing matches! Working where I do, I always have odds and ends when it comes to soft furnishings, and ive been wondering if its about time I started colour scheming my home. What do you think?
Its hard when you are surrounded by lovely things on a daily basis, and LOVE colour!!

The mix and match cushions in this photo really work... Perhaps I simply need to build upon
my cushion collection? My boyfriend will laugh and then **sigh** if I bring more cushions home...
What is your cushion situation?
Perhaps I need to create a mood board and see what comes about from that?

p.s - I cant remember where I found this photo. Sorry!

a statement piece

I seen all sorts of animal shaped cushions, round cushions, square cushions, knitted cushions, but never a house cushion!
Celebrating the boxy-ness of a classic kiwi state house, this Genevieve Packer cushion is the perfect addition to all good couches.

Available to buy here.

everyday needs

A cool drink on a hot summers day. Bliss.
Beautiful Japanese crafted cup from Everyday Needs

summer style

Who can go past a good stripe beach bag & towel?
Especially when the sun is shining & the beach is calling!
I am loving the bright summer product range by NZ company Recline.

oh so velvet


Don't you just love the colours?
New velvet bedlinen range just released by Castle