meet the coopers

Our latest catalogue is at the printer - a job well done! It all looks amazing, & contains our best homeware & sleepwear range to date. Everything is well thought out with the designs reflecting our theme & story through pattern, colour & texture.

Here are some of my favourite hero shots, taken during a 4 day shoot at an amazing 1970's home in Birkenhead, Auckland.

those glamour days

How come I dont look this glamourous when I spend a day at the pool or beach? Is it the bathing caps?

my most random post ever...

Do you remember the plans you had years ago that got brushed under the carpet as you grew up?
Well, I remembered one of mine today - to open a pie shop in Holland. Yum! I know the dutch would dig it :)
What are your forgotten plans & dreams?

a figure of speech

Ive just seen these figure of speech brooches at odd little forest & was instantly reminded of the work of NZ artist Genevieve Packer, who Ive been meaning to post about for a few months now...

These are only two of a number of Genevieve's works. Im doing a super quick post at the moment as I have a million & one things to do for the hens night on saturday, & am being distracted with blogging.

Genevieve is a truly talented lady. She's one of those people where no matter what they make, you know your gonna love it. The work above is some of her old, & probably most recognized work. Ill try & do a 'new work' post soon, but if you cant wait, then check it out yourself right here

words of wisdom

This is my quote/realisation of the day, or rather year (even though we are only 1 month in). Everything makes so much more sense now!

easing those aches & pains

Ive just returned to work after an extended long weekend (yay for public holidays!) nursing an aching back :(
What to take? panadol? painkillers? hot water bottle? or how about one of these brand new wheat packs from UK based NZ designer Sarah Shepherd?
I know what I would choose.

alex noble

I wasn't too sure what this was at first glance, however upon further investigation discovered it was a chair or, to be more specific, an indoor/outdoor low lounger, by Australian designer Alex Noble.

Element is a feature seating concept that is beautiful, versatile & comfortable. It's sculptural form is inspired by the rolling ocean swell. The rhythmic, rippling surface creates a comfortable seating position & adds dramatic aesthetic to any area, inside or out...

Im completely getting the rolling ocean inspiration, but wonder if this would suit your ordinary backyard? probably not!
Do you think it floats?? The fun you could have!

too much choice

I really, really want an ashley g, but its just so hard to choose...
I do this every time. I browse her etsy site & ear mark so many prints that I end up not being able to decide, get frustrated & give up!
anyone else have the same problem?!

crochet delight

I wonder whether I would have continued my piano playing days if my piano had looked like this? Somehow I think yes.
Image found via decor8

i wish...

...I had a tangle of necklaces to match this collection.

who loves who the most?

Ive just seen this - a blog completely dedicated to loving someone more than ............................
A few of my favourites - 
I love you more than cuddling with our pet hedgehog - now thats a tough call!!
I love you more than knitting - well, I would hope so!
I love you more than a fat kid likes cake - haha.
I love you more than crabs - ???!!!!!!

a sprinkle of sugar & mischief

Do you ever wish you could wrap your arms around the neck of a whale & go for a ride? I imagine it would be like living the life of a mermaid. 
Artist Eveline Tarunadjaja from Melbourne may not actually ride whales but, amongst other things, she draws people partaking in the wonderful activity!

Eveline Tarunadjaja was born & raised in Indonesia among the high rise shopping malls & spicy food. She moved to Melbourne Australia almost 10 years ago & found her home in good coffee shops around the city to draw sugary & mischievous  imagery inspired by her love for stories, Asian family, 60's Japanese girl group and giraffes with the amount of hairy details that would break her neck someday.

wear no evil

Wear No Evil - an interesting name for jewellery that half looks as though it could double as a weapon!
Hand carved using PVC the cuffs & bangles are a striking combination of pattern & colour, look as hard as glass yet yield to the slightest of pressure.

Wear No Evil by Kath Inglis displays a curious collection of jewellery hand carved in PVC... There is a constant revealing with the process of carving & a variety of shapes, patterns & colours applied to PVC evoke allusions & ambiguous references.

saucy, versatile, romantic

When I get married, these are the flowers I want.
A bold statement for a girl who at the current point in time is (newly) single. 
I feel a little wedding crazy at the moment. One of my best friends is preparing to walk down the aisle & I get to be bridesmaid - yay!!
Caught up in all of the excitement, & hens night planning, I keep spying wedding things & am constantly caught thinking - when I get married, thats what i would have...
...weddings make me SO happy!

'The Anemone is a saucy & versatile flower. She can stand surprisingly well on her own - holding a room with just a few stems, but she also mixes exceptionally well with a myriad of other blooms. She's great at parties. All this despite her tragic name - Anemone comes from Greek, meaning Windflower. It symbolizes the foreaken & is said to have sprung from the blood of Aphrodite's slain lover, Adonis. I generally dont tell that to brides...'


I am feeling inspired by these patterns & shapes, colours & layout.

20% ugly 80% beautiful

I look at this &, strangely, think skateboard ramp/hut my little brother built using dads building scraps; yet at the same time I love the boxiness, & in a way ugliness, of the seat. Its actually quite beautiful!
I guess thats what furniture design is about - appealing to peoples senses in its own unique way. 
This Intersection Armchair is by NZ furniture designer David Moreland. Other favourites of mine are
Davids Clean Dining Chair & the Framed Armchair.

more goodies...

decalart mania

waiting...linen tea towel

seep into sea dreams...pillowcase set

ordinary sadness...apron third drawer down. Some new, some old favourites, but all items of delight & desire.

surplus to requirement?

Perhaps not an inspiring quote, but something to bear in mind none the less.
Tea towel by third drawer down.

i have met her now too!

Have you met miss jones, as seen on Studio Home Creative…the origami collection is amazing. I wonder if you would risk shipping this to NZ??

this weekly exercise fun!

swing dancing madness = fun, fun, fun!

paper engineering

This work is absolutely amazing but would probably drive me mad if I had to make it! Lucky for me, that task, & talent, belongs to artist Helen Musselwhite. Paper is cut, folded & scored by hand, making each piece truly individual & unique.

Influenced by the natural world each piece is manipulated to become as intriguing place, a glimpse into another world of fiction & fairytale.

To see more work by Helen, check out her website & etsy store.

our favourite boys

Ok, so they wont be on our screens in January, but they will be coming soon!! 

nona pepe

If ever a rug screamed grandma, then this one would be it - cool, crazy, fun grandma mind you :)
By Italian designer Natalia Pepe.

a rabbit pile

Australia's Mingus Designs & their rabbit pile purse - have you seen anything cuter?! Im partial to a fluffy bundle of rabbit :)

Which reminds me! I went to a BBQ yesterday & some friends turned up with a baby hedgehog they had found on the side of the road. I almost died he was soooo cute. I named him Benson & he roamed around the garden.

child genius

Miss K aka Chickadee- 9 year old artist extraordinaire on etsy ...amazing!

"Chickadee" (shes 9) has quite the eye...& big plans for her future (she is saving up for a house (yes a real one) & a horse).

made by hank

There is nothing better than being presented with a beautiful box & experiencing the joys of discovering what's inside...

...perhaps only a gift certificate, but nothing is spared as each layer is peeled away & the next revealed... almost like a round of pass the parcel.

'madebyhank is madebyhank because my last name is Henry and im far too tough to be a Katie...'

the christmas haul

There's nothing better than sharing your christmas haul with your friends - laughing at the present mishaps, being jealous of the 'spot ons'.
Without fail I got the things I needed from the family, but also landed the gifts above - one was a big BIG want, & the other two were a complete surprise but hit the nail on the head 100%. Not surprisingly these didn't come from any member of my family!
I love these presents - thanks D :) x

happy 2009!!

Well done 2009 - you have finally arrived!
Beautiful tables to mark the start of a beautiful new year - fingers crossed for a good one!!

New years resolutions? I only have one & intend to stick to it.