weather report

Its raining. Its pouring...

Check the weather report for your city here.

busy, busy...

The next 11 days are going to be crazy busy - parties, awards night (what am I going to wear?!), 4 day photoshoot, another party, birthday lunch, leaving dinners, more photoshoots...
So, if Im M.I.A for the next little while, you know why! Ill try schedule some posts to keep you occupied :)

This image has been sitting on my desktop for the last month. Im not sure where I found it, but it makes me smile.

Enjoy the long weekend New Zealand!! 

baby browsing

I have my first ever baby shower coming up where I'll be the aunty in waiting... 
I. am. SOOOO. excited!!
Baby showers mean baby presents, so ive been world wide web window shopping, & have found these great things...

The baby will be rocking it, if I get it one of these

freakey freinz - i like him, but he may be a bit too scary for baby?

cool crib baby booties - so baby can stomp the yard

strawberry beanie - do you remember strawberry shortcake? she used to smell so good. Imagine if this beanie smelt like that!! 

I love NZ mini me one-piece by Mr Vintage. Go read the description - its hilarious!

lil' warriors one piece totally cute!!

Rain Clouds by Little Green Frog - Im thinking this would be a cool mobile to hang above the cot

And!! Kraftbomb is on this weekend (yay!!) & I can finally make it (double yay!) - its been months since the last time I went. Ill be heading there with babies on my mind, so will see if I can grab a few handmade & original baby goodies.

colour me happy

I want to steal the colours right off this bag
I think im in love...

underwater world

This catalogue shoot is amazing! and one of the most interesting ideas I've seen in a while. Its well executed, simple & shows off a beautiful range of colours, clothes & accessories.
I wish we had Anthropologie in NZ.
Does anyone have a copy of this catalogue they dont want?!!

Click the pictures for a larger view.

winter warmer

It was SO cold the other morning I had to scrape ice off my car windows. My hands were freezing, my neck was freezing, my toes were freezing! 
Later that same morning, an email popped into my inbox from Toggle featuring these great chain scarves - it must be a sign! 
Soft Rocks Woolen Chains look like amazing winter blasters, especially for a day battling ice. Im eyeing up the black one above.

i like boring things...

... and I like being boring on a Friday night…next top model, project runway – who needs to go out?!!
Digging this poster.
Have a happy weekend :)


Ive been thinking about making chutneys & stuff. Ive been inspired by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall River Cottage Autumn series which has been screening on telly Sunday nights.
Ill probably have to wait till the day I have a veggie garden, but when that day comes Ill be ready & rearing to go - hopefully with the help of the chef BF.
Ill need jars & labels. Probably labels like these. Easy, fun, homely. Because thats what we love.
Sometimes I want to hurry & grow up so I can have a house & garden... but not too quickly :)

hmmm... Im sure I found these labels via creature comforts, but I can't find them anywhere. Im not sure if im being completely blind, but if you find the link, let me know!

mann she's good

I first saw Charlotte Mann's work in India Knights home (featured in this post) & have just been browsing her website to see more. 
Shifting from fashion design to art in 2006, Charlotte's work has been gracing catwalks, shop windows (above) & interior walls ever since.

She's even been commissioned to paint a mural for a party...

I was comissioned to decorate a space for a party, I wanted to make a drawing that you got inside of. A section of drawing roled up for the entrance & when roled down every one was enclosed in the drawing, which was of the views from all round the client's house.

Can you imagine paying someone to do that for you? The luxury!

I love Charlotte, she's super talented & gets to draw on walls & windows all day with marker pens. She's my new favourite artist. I aspire to be just like her :)

etsy love...

A few fab things from etsy.
Fifi Lapin prints - so cute!!

Claire Nereim's striking flower prints/calendars & tee -

i want sunshine yellow!

So yellow, so fun, so happy!
As we get deeper & deeper into winter I am more & more drawn to sunshine yellow. Hurry up summer!!

alphabet soup

I used to love picking out the letters in alphabet soup to see if i could spell my name. I never could. It was always full of E's and K's. Who wants E's and K's? Not me!

frank you!

Download some free desktop wallpapers courtesy of Frankie.
This is my fav...
Thanks Frankie!!!

luuk here

Need some new rags for your boy?
Hook him up with a Luuk tee. Choice!

ill try this version instead...

The Audrey Tautou Chanel commercial I posted the other day no longer exists - weird! So i've posted this version instead.
Anyone else having problems with youtube? I cant get any sound...

bake me a cushion as fast as you can!

Cushions by Pattern Bakery. I wonder if they'll share their recipe?

Pattern Bakery is a collective of Finnish textile & fashion designers who yearn to illustrate home & life in general. We feel the diversity of life is a delicious subject. Our curiosity & love for colour, form & ideas continuously inspires us. 

Audrey Tautou's Chanel No. 5 Ad from James Buford on Vimeo.

So hot!

Thanks le love!!

katie does michael & sunny yellow floors

Sunny yellow floors & a giant blow up bunny - this would be the perfect apartment for those days you're feeling blue.
I can totally picture myself living here. Life would be an explosion of fun! - its amazing what a bright yellow floor will do :)

This is Katie Lockhart's interior design greatness for gallery owner Michael Lett. I love it.

here kitty!

HEY CAT LOVERS - check it out!!!
Thats all :) 

one teaspoon or two?

This is a fresh new take on the teaspoon. I would love to see this idea pushed further & see where Black Swan Design can take it.
If your loving these, snap one up here.

bless her

I saw the thumbnail of this photo by Yoshikazu Yamagata here (hes the one that did the giant bra in my other post) & thought - oh, that looks like any interesting photo of the Virgin Mary, ill have a look at that. It has that whole Frida Kahlo / Mexican vibe thing that im liking at the moment.

Only, this wasn't a picture of the Virgin Mary. Its a girl & some knitting. Amazing. I like the whole play on 'it looks like this, but its actually that'. Its down right clever.
I want to frame this & make my own little shrine - it'll be my knitting girl shrine. Ive got a little virgin mary somewhere. Maybe ill sit her next to it.

for you...

Happy mothers day mum!! If I was clever with flowers than I would have made one of these for you!

(flowers by Saipua)