this is... somewhere in london

Somewhere in London.
By Victoria.

inside their pages

My cushions (from last winter) are featured in the latest issue of inside out magazine, under their line up of favourite things - exciting!!
These weren't exactly my favourite designs - production wasn't nearly as good as my original spec, but its cool to see them out & about, & its even better when they're listed as a 'favourite thing'.
Click images to enlarge.

you can leave you hat on

Woah, wow, far out, amaaazzzing!!!!
Hair hats by Japanese artist Nagi Noda. Whens the next race day? One of these would guarantee you a win in the best hat competition.
Might ask the hair dresser to style my hair into one of these next time I go for a cut.

this is... a photo by victoria part three, becomes 'somewhere in london'

Hannah waits for the train in the underground, somewhere in London.
I think I will rename this series of photos by Victoria 'Somewhere in London'.

sugar candy

Is anyone else feeling pangs of jealousy looking at this house? That is one hell of a pink, & that mural!!!!

India Knights house featured in Living etc March 09

copy cat cool

I wish I looked as cool & effortless as this.
Im about to buy some super cute shoes though - unfortunately for me they will break the bank.
I will, however, sparkle when I walk!!!

days with my father

I was having some down time at work last week, so decided to have a look at the site days with my father.
Its a truly humbling & emotional read. The photographs are simply beautiful & capture the moments of a father & son & their struggle with old age & loss.

I have a real soft spot for oldies & love the history that comes with age. This site makes me realize just how much I wish my grandparents lived in the same country as me.

click on the images to enlarge

this is... a photo by victoria part two

Another photo somewhere in London by Victoria. Any guesses as too where? Im totally clueless.

going bye bye

My little computer is broken - she wont charge; so once this little bit of battery goes flat, thats it! Ive booked her in for surgery tomorrow. She'll be off work for a week, & then fingers crossed she'll be right as rain.

Ill do my best to schedule a few posts while im on forced leave.
See you all soon!

recipe keeper

Ive had a bit of a recipe posting week - unintentionally  - & now see this super cute recipe book by books by rachel. Its almost a weekly occurrence that I find a new recipe & it was one of my new years resolutions to try one new recipe a week - ive been doing quite well, if i do say so myself.
What with my collection of recipes growing & growing when the time comes for a new recipe book - which wont be far off now - ill be tracking down a copy of this one by Rachel.

Read Rachels blog about her recipe book here.

this is... a photo by victoria part one

My super talented friend Victoria took this photo of her sister in London somewhere.
She really must get a job as a professional photographer. 
I am going to post a few more lovelies by her over the next fews days/weeks.

in the kitchen

I have just spent the last two hours in the kitchen cooking - watch out Jamie!! I feel like a true kitchen bitch! :)
I am hoping that the fruits of my labour - Moroccan Lentil Soup and Bacon, Onion & Parsley Tartelette - will be worth it. It definitely smells yummy!!

I was going to post both recipes for you, but they are quite long. So instead, the links are as follows -
The Bacon Onion & Parsley Tartelette recipe can be found here & here
The Moroccan Lentil Soup is by NZ chef Annabel Langbein & can be found here

in the neighbourhood!

This new project 'Neighbourhood' is the brain child of Studio Home Creatives Julia.
If you're a New Zealand or Australian artist, writer, photographer, song writer etc etc I suggest you get involved. Im definitely going to have a go.

"This is an open call to any photographers, writers, artists, song writers etc who are from/living in New Zealand or Australia to submit work for a new quarterly creative publication.
Neighbourhood is going to be a visually rich, provocative & inspiring magazine concentrating on one "theme" per issue & the multiple interpretations from the Australasian creative community. It is for readers to treasure, collect & gain inspiration & a vehicle for contributors to collaborate, gain exposure & create.

We are in the total beginnings of this project but have the focus & passion to get it off the ground.
Please feel free to submit:

The theme for issue one is LOVE. Read more here.
oh, and spread the word!!!!!!

hundreds & thousands of eggs!

Yes, I know easter has been & gone. You've probably polished off the last of your chocolate, or if you were like me, you didnt really get a hell of a lot... 
Whatever your situation you cant turn your back on these - rocky road (haha, I had written 'roady road'!) eggs covered in hundreds and thousands - woah!!!!

Heres the recipe - it might require a few hours at the gym afterwards, but it'll be totally worth it im sure!!

Serves 4

300g dark chocolate

100 g milk chocolate

300ml cream

100g marshmallow, roughly chopped

100g Madeira cake, roughly chopped

100g chocolate freckles, roughly chopped

canola oil spray

hundreds and thousands

Step 1.  Break the dark & milk chocolate into pieces in a bowl. Bring cream to the boil in a saucepan & pour it over the chocolate. Stir until chocolate has melted, then put bowl over a larger bowl of iced water, to cool. In another bowl, mix marshmallows with the cake & chocolate freckles.

Step 2.  Spray each egg half-mould half with canola oil & line with plastic wrap, leaving a 1cm overhang. Flatten out any air pockets under the plastic wrap. When chocolate & cream mixture has cooled to about 30-34 degrees celsius (just below body temperature & still runny), combine it with the marshmallow mixture.  Fill each half-mould with mixture to just above the rim. Align the 2 halves & gently press together. Wrap whole egg moulds in plastic wrap & refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Step 3.  When set, remove the eggs from moulds. Roll in hundreds & thousands.

recipe found via hanigan family recipes blog

a love of mine

I love visiting the Studio Violet blog, they always take such interesting angles & colour in their photos & artwork, like these...

Oh, ive finished reading the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. I must sort out a review.

portrait of sleep...

Have you ever wondered what you look like when your asleep? Well, Sylvia May found out, & she kindly gave me permission to share her photo with you. Im loving this idea, & am thinking it would make for a good project. But, since its not my idea ill leave it up to Sylvia to possibly push it further.

'Since it would be very difficult to see myself asleep any other way, I got someone else to take a photo to see what i look like with my eyes shut... I look so peaceful which surprises me because I wake up feeling unrested.'

What do you look like in your asleep?

8 months too early

This is actually a christmas card, but i couldn't wait another 8 months to show you. Lets call this a not quite mid christmas merry christmas.
Does that make any sense?!

walls worth looking at

this kitchen by flox is too die for. I would never leave.

painted toilet wall by flox. I cant quite work out if its finish or not.

the only thing that saves this interior from down right ugly is the mural by flox.

ok, so this one isnt actually a wall mural, but it looks like it could be. In fact I wish it was, & that it was in my house.

Ive been coming across all of these amazing wall murals lately & have been reminded of the mural I started years ago for my younger brothers bedroom - a farm scene with animals & tractors. It look so long I eventually gave up.
When I see these I think of the hours involved - its definitely no mean feat. I take my hat off to you all.

i dreamed a dream...

you have to check this out. Its freaking amazing!!
They showed it on the news tonight & just like the judges, I was blown away!!
Its a bit long, but well worth it. Click here

a diamond in the rough

Im a huge fan of the Esther Diamond website & ive just discovered that the creative geniuses behind the crazy font is House of Aroha.
The most exciting part to this little discovery is the fact that you can download the font right here - who would have imagined?! Im going to do it now...

'A few years ago we worked with Esther Diamond & during that time we developed a typeface sampled from some of the letter forms from Martin Poppelwell's hand writing. It's been sitting in the dark corners of my drive so I thought I would share it with you all. There are some hidden goodies inside the font so tae a look around the keyboard, im sure you'll find them.'

a great diy

I saved this image to my picture folder a good year ago, & whenever I come back to it Im reminded of how much I like it - it could also have something to do with the colour combinations of yellow, white & aqua/blue.
Ive been eyeing up a piece of furniture to eventually do this, or something similar, too.
Im not sure where I found this image, but it has something to do with Lena Corwin


Who would have thought that broken egg shell would be the perfect material for a necklace?!
Im loving this necklace by Threefold, who's adorable cards were recently featured in D*S.

we've gone live

Look its me!!

We've finally got our website up & running - exciting stuff! Im possibly a wee bit biased, but I really like it.
Yeah, its not the 'coolest' website around, but the design is clean, non-fussy & easy to use.
There are some cool little zoom in, zoom out features &, unfortunately a couple of photos of me!! 
Check it out here.

At this stage there is no e-commerce section, but ive spoken to my boss & there is now talk about the possibility of a special section for internationals to purchase our goods. It may be a while off yet, but the seed has been planted!

dancing to paper planes

This is exactly how I want to dance to this song!
Watch out for me pulling these moves on a dance floor near you... :)

winters on its way

I took this photo on my recent trip to Palmerston North. The huge wind turbines are such an impressive sight dotted along the Manawatu ranges (I think thats what the hills are called?).
The day was super windy, showery & cold, cold, COLD! Summer was definitely over that day - so sad :(

the day that was my birthday

Birthdays are great!!
I am SOOO happy - I finally got my ashley g!!!!!!
The best bit is that its a custom print of the two of us. My fabulous BF organised this, & was super worried that I wouldnt like it, but I do. I love it x 100

He also got me these Berkley Illustration coasters...

and a ten dollar drawing. Meet Benson the baby hedgehog...

Ive been so spoilt. Isnt he the best?!!!

The day was topped off with a super yummy dinner at Moonson Poon - this place is seriously delicious! and a spot of dancing.
Oh, & the cake, you should have seen the cake. It was so big I almost died!!
All in all it was a great day, marred only by the fact my younger brother was scheduled for emergency brain surgery... but it was successful, so a big YAY all round!