bad taste

New at Swonderful. What do you think?
Have to say I love them.

look out! aucklands got style

uckland style

Looking forward to the launch of this new blog. There'll be no swandri's, red bands or stubbys. Pity.

beci's blog

beci orphin

Did you know that Beci Orphin has a BLOG?!! How cute is her banner?
I think this has to be the best find of the month.

ho ho ho


Mummy wasnt kissing Santa Claus - he was kissing her.
Birdy & me christmas cards. What can i say other than HOT!!!

its official


Ukuleles rule forever and ever!

rodayo busk


Does it need any explaination?
Get one here.

i wish i could sing like this

I have a secret friday night addicition. Australian Idol. What am I doing?...
But have you seen it? Its good. Really good.
Go 'stupid' Stan!
Happy weekend everyone.

high society

sibella court

Did you know that the Sibella Court Society Inc site is now live? Its bloody good.

Can I interest anyone in the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra ?

heading down to ruby square


I have a busy weekend ahead, but im going to make time to get down to the Ruby Square Market to get my hot little hands on one of these bunting cups by lilysmakebelieve. Sweet.

quick off the mark

You've got to be fast round here.
Yesterday I was eyeing this up...

Today its gone. Bham!
I can see myself going slightly crazy in here. Have a happy weekend x
** i see they've just relisted the bow. better get in quick!!

fruit picking

ruth sumner

Black Doris Plums, Feijoas, Cherries - Hello! My Favourites!!!!
New cushions by Ruth Sumner over at Clever Bastards.

hello? are you there?

winter 2010

The completion of our winter 2010 range is almost nigh. Yay!
All has been quiet on the commenting front. Is anyone out there?

lets face it, its called a leotard.

kelsey genna

The whole bodysuit thing (or leotard as I like to call them) remind me of my jazz ballet dancing days (worn with bike pants!) when I was younger. Im not a huge fan, but these are kinda cute!
I think i could work this. Just :)
They are by New Zealander Kelsey Genna. Support NZ made. Awesome.
{shop} {etsy} {blog}

on the shelf


Ive realised I havent really shared my uk/holland/venice trip with you. I found some great shops which ill show you, one by one (I kept all the business cards. Im such a hoarder)
First on my list is Shelf. My fav. It was full of things Ive only ever seen in magazines & on blogs. Things we cant get in New Zealand. Suck.
So, I bought a Rob Ryan tile. I love it & am keeping it safe for the day I own my own home. Until then, its staying under wraps. Literally. Or ill get it framed. Because it really is quite lovely.
Shelf image via Bloesem

pee wee herman & lonely bear


I have my eye on this pee wee herman bow & lonely bear necklace by lilysmakebelieve. (etsy).

What are you up to this weekend?
My cousin & uncle are over from Holland so ill be hanging out.

robins nest

robins nest

Im a huge turquoise fan, which means this Robins Nest necklace (from toggle) is right up my alley.

new york, new york


more acorns...

Do you know whats so good about these? They're magnets. PRACTICAL!

colourful cactus


Ive been thinking about our summer 2010/11 theme & cacti. I just found these over at etsy, by joojoo. They are perfect dont you think? I feel some inspiration bubbling.

jenni penni


Arent the colours in these photos simply beautiful?

p.s - ive just won our melbourne cup work sweep stake - yay!!!

owl in a bunny suit


House of Aroha always has something I need... 'Need' being the important word. Far more so than 'want'.
This t-shirt by Bayley Collins (guess what you forgot), as featured on House of Aroha, is on my current list of "needs". An early christmas present to myself perhaps??

a worldwide swap by accident

freshly blended

I kind of accidently joined the freshly blended holiday ornament swap - whoops! haha. Oh well, it'll be fun :)
I wonder what ill make...
If you havent already, then join me & sign up as well.

i can afford one of these!


I know these have been around for a bit, but every time I see a cuckoo clock I think about how much I would like one.
I cant afford the one I really, really want, but I can afford this. Yay for etsy & decoylab!

my sweet delicious


I have no idea what meringue parfumee is, but boy it looks devine!
For this picture & more, visit Concrete and Honey

for your lamingtons

julie collis

Grans dollie makes it way onto a lovely, pastel coloured glass plate, by artist Julie Collis.

'Just popping over to Nana's place for a cuppa, sure she will bring out the best crockery & her collection of Doillies from pre WWII. But never fear, you can out do her for once with one of these impressive & stylish Doillie plate by Julie Collis'

Image via The Poi Room

nice work

nice work

What a stunning weekend we have had! fingers crossed for many more.
look at these beauties? arent they just fabulous? Nice work!
available at The Poi Room.