hello? are you there?

winter 2010

The completion of our winter 2010 range is almost nigh. Yay!
All has been quiet on the commenting front. Is anyone out there?


Ginny said...

Hello! I'm here. Love that colourful number in the middle :)

carina said...

thanks - thats my one! In fact they're all mine, but the printed one is the best. the other two are just lovely fabrics :)
thanks for commenting!

Awesome Sara said...

omg i love the middle one and the gray!!!! babe, i miss u!!!

carina said...

haha, i miss u too!! and your comments :)

Ju said...

I am out here and I have been swooning over the last Citta range!! Send me some pics when the next one is complete and I will wack them on.