i want a puppy!!

I want a puppy so bad! But I cant have one, yet :(
My BF sent me this... now everytime those puppy urges come on I click this link & am happy!! You have to go look - NOW.
hello puppy!!!!!

just a small wish list with nothing too expensive cos it is a recession after all...

Ohhh... great find Julia! My birthdays coming up & Im adding this print (or the postcards) to my wish list - Im sure one of my brothers or sister could spring for one of these!!

Other items on my wish list include the usual Ashley G & Sugarloop print - Ive wanted one of these for SOOOOO long its almost getting ridiculous... maybe, hopefully!, next thursday one or the other will be mine????

 I wouldnt be upset if a trixie delicious plate landed on my lap either...

or this hand hook from IkoIko (I couldnt find a better picture sorry!!)

jolly caravan

Using vintage fabrics & old tea towels Jolly Caravan hand makes these fun, one off cushions. If you spy one that you absolutely (Ive only ever seen them in The Poi Room) then make sure you get it cause once its sold, thats it - you wont get another one like it. These little beauties are one in a million :)

decoupage fun

Ive been following Saras DIY posts - 'polishing the turds' for rental properties & was reminded of this decoupage ceiling which Design Sponge featured in November last year.
Its such an easy, fun way to jazz up your ceiling & makes for a good talking point. For instructions on how to create something like this, click here.

ink & spindle

You know, im not too sure if I like my header. I think I need to re-work it. What do you think?

A few things I like, however, are these finds from Ink & Spindle, a boutique screen-printing studio run by three Melbourne textile designers. The clutch is totally cute & Im loving that you can choose from three different clasp options or even request your own special design.
The limited edition fabrics & colours are calling my name...

Just as lovely are these cushions, printed using environmentally friendly, solvent free inks - which means its good for the environment. Yay!
Going off on a tangent, do you remember Captain Planet?!

katy said hullo

the happy birthday card is an old card by katy did paper goods. These are some of her new ones. Check out more here.

happy birthday!

I have now officially been blogging for one year & one day - happy birthday to me!!
To celebrate I thought I had better update my header - it was hard! Ive come up with this (see above) but cant decide if I actually like it or not. But! I figure it will do for now :)

the eyes have it

I saw the work of artist Marion Bolognesi (via Birdy & Me), and all I could muster was a big fat wow!
Watercolour has been one of those medium which I have never, ever been able to work, so when I see illustrations like this I am a) blown away & 2) extremely jealous!

modern antiques

Using combinations of vintage beads, lace & semi precious stones jeweller & stylist Emma Cassi fashions delicate pieces which are simply to die for. With a strong romantic pull, Emmas jewellery would be the perfect statement piece for any outfit, at any occasion, & like the little black dress, is an item that will never date.

Emma Cassi merges a sensibility for lace & embroidery born of her native France.  She is working with the artisan's touch; she creates a collection that mixes the ancient traditions of lace making & craft of hand embroidery. Every item in Emmas collection has been stitched, beaded & embroidered by hand with vintage sequins, japanese glass beads, semi-precious stones, crystals, Swarovski & gemstones, all of the highest quality... Jewellery like these are modern antiques & dont go out of fashion.

click each image to enlarge.

making a splash

My friend got her wedding pic's back & I absolutely love this little series of her. We got caught by the tide, so had some fun timing our crossing with the incoming waves. Most got wet, the lucky ones (like me!) came away fairly dry. The brides crossing was caught by the photographer & captures a memorable event on a wonderful day.

poor little thing

Its inorganic time in my BF's neighbourhood, & the sight of this abandoned, broken bike made me feel a wee bit sad. 
Poor bike. I was tempted to take it home for some tender loving care.

eye like these!

These aunty cookie eye chart cushions remind me that I need to book an eye test - Im sure I need some specs, sigh.
On a brighter note - these cushions are ace!

the curious incident

I wouldn't really say I was a book worm as it makes me sound a bit nerdy, but i def like finishing off the day with a chapter or 2 of a good book.
I bought my BF The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time as he told me he had never read a fiction book (how? why?). He read it in a week (if that), loved it & has kindly lent it to me.
I am about to get into it tonight and I cant wait!
Enjoy your weekend xx

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charmingwall is the best

if you haven't seen this yet, then you absolutely have too. Trust me. This is the best website Ive ever seen. Ever.


haha, yep I totally agree - FUNNY!!

she thinks my blog is lovely!!

One of the best things is when entirely out of the blue you get an award for having a lovely blog - thank you Sylvia May, you made my day :)

I guess that means I get to give out some awards too - fun!
I choose you, you & you...

3. Lilys Make Believe 

Why did I choose these four blogs? Easy! They are my daily visits, which means they are the top of my favourites!

recessionista totes

The whole recession thing sucks. I haven't changed my spending habits, but I also haven't lost my job, so why should I? 
I couldn't agree more with these totes by Jaime Beattie!
Totes are available here (for those of you with US dollars) & here (for the Aussie dollar)

i want, i want, i want!

How much do I want this dress? A lot!!

a part of NZ fashion history

Ive just seen the bulletin about the David Bain 'Is it bad taste?' tee on the news.
I dont want to start a 'Yes it is', 'No it isnt' debate, but personally I like them, especially the red! Cool colour, cool design - thats all I care about!

my house, my castle

Ive been holding onto this image for a while now. Its from an old-ish issue of Inside Out (the same issue as the karen walker spread).
The reason Ive kept it, is because of the circle artwork on the wall, & guess what! I found who made it today...

The lovely embroidered piece is by Rachel Castle & her mother Jillian Patching (how appropriate are there surnames?!) from Castle bedlinens.
Each piece is a hand-stitched one-off, on vintage french linen. Definitely something worth treasuring.


Lilacmoon Studio has re-opened its shop of poladoodles.

Isnt the word poladoodle cute? I dont really think it needs much explaining, but just in case, poladoodle = polaroid + doodle - a doodle on top of a discarded polaroid.