fruit salad!

I did a spot of googling & found these tissue paper fruit and ball decorations for sale. Its an american company but they ship to NZ!! 
Perhaps Ill have a tutti fruity 30th birthday, or wedding!

Loving these paper decorations - Iko Iko sell balls in this same style  - and that cake with the velvet ribbon - sooooo pretty!

Image found here

My first upholstery project

Mum saved this old stool/basket from a family friend years ago, & passed it down to me when I moved out of home. The calico cover desperately needed to be replaced.
I enrolled myself into an upholstery course & decided to make this my first project - nice & simple, perfect for learning the basics.
You can see my process above - from start to finish (minus a few steps in-between). I completed it last night & am happy with the final result - bright, cheery & new!

I couldn't help myself. After reading this Studio Home post I headed over to the Rollie website & bought these shoes.
Ive never bought shoes online... lets hope they fit!


I helped myself to a few of these babies at the opening of Collected by LeeAnn Yare at BLOC last night. Delicious!

A gold sequin top like this & a lovely white skirt - thats all I'll be needing for my wedding dress.
Isn't this top divine?
Does anyone know where I can get something like this?

Image found here

bright, fun & open for business!

Collected by LeeAnn Yare is open for business! Make sure you go & check it out. I've already earmarked a few 'must haves' - the Florence Broadhurst wallpaper, an acapulco chair (which colour??), a rug, pillowcases..... arghhh, my poor bank account!

To make matters worse Pencil Boutique, World Beauty & Citta Design are right next door...

Image by Larnie Nicholson found here

I can't think of a better word for this ceiling then 'WOW'.
Would you be brave enough to do something like this?
Even with a brightly painted ceiling this room still oozes calm.

The perfect supermarket bag...

I think everyone should carry one of these. Hahaha!

P.S: Never know what to make for dinner? You need to check out this website as well.

Following on from my post below, I suddenly thought that a birdinabunnysuit print would be the perfect baby shower present. I have two coming up & was wondering what to buy... I think Ive found the answer :)

sleeping with the artist

Father Rabbit & their artist in residence, Bayley from Birdinabunnysuit, have released this beautiful egyptian cotton bedlinen range.

Check out how to make this DIY stamp by Creature Comforts. Such a cute idea for a wedding/party invite.

baked treats

Do you know what I realized the other day? I don't own a baking book. I don't even have the good old kiwi classic - The Edmonds cookbook.
I think I should order this Little and Friday recipe book* to remedy that. 

* You can pre-order your copy at Little & Friday cafes.
42 Eversleigh Rd, Takapuna and 12 Melrose Street, Newmarket

I am desperately in love with these pleated paper lampshades from Citta Design.
I wish I had hanging lights in my flat, or my own home...


Collected by LeeAnn Yare opens next week in a new & exciting development alongside Citta Design & World Beauty
I can see bad things happening to my back account...


flavor of the week...

Do you like the David Shrigley pillowcases we received as an engagement present? And what so you think of this hessian fabric? Im doing an upholstery course & I've bought this for my first project, which I start tonight. Ill post pictures of my progress :)

Annie Smit Sandano's new exhibition Colour Wheel opens at Seed Gallery tomorrow. If you have time, pop along to the preview tonight from 5.30 - 7.30pm.
The exhibition runs until April 5th.

birthday present?

My days of being a 20 something year old are numbered - 30 is looming...eek!
As a birthday treat to mark this milestone I am thinking about purchasing a real piece of art, rather than the prints I usually purchase.
I have approached Flox for a potential commission piece - exciting! fingers crossed it goes ahead. 

Freedom furniture, you have impressed me! Ill take one of each please :)

so pretty

My wrist would love three of these, each a different colour.

I would never usually say this, but I hope that it rains so I can use my new umbrella from Citta Designs latest collection, Tokyo. Collision of Contrasts.

P.s: check out their full collection online within the next day or two.


After wondering how to make a rug using some hessian fabric I had found, I just discovered this DIY - bingo!

It was only after looking at this photo for the third or fourth time that I noticed the seagulls on the ceiling - blind much?!
Aren't they the perfect touch? Totally suited to the stripped back floors & white walls.

Image found here.

greeting cards

I love browsing the card section in a shop. If I was fronted with this range of cards, by Leanne Culy, I would have great difficulty choosing & probably end up walking out with one of each.

Sabens winter collection 'By Your Side' is available for preview online. My favorites are above - especially loving the oversized Caroline purse - super cute!