Kester Black

Not your traditional rock, but beautiful none the less.

talented hands

Bonnie & Neil hand make & hand print their table ware.
Its beautiful isnt it?

winter cast offs

We've had a mild winter so far & our poor ski fields are suffering from lack of snow! This means our snowboards are more than likely staying tucked away this winter... or you could send them to Nathan Seccombe & see if he can put them to use for you :)

up for adoption

Emma Harding helps orphaned ceramics find a new home.
Click here to adopt.

nothing to do, but eat cake

This looks yum! - an indoor activity for the wet & wild weekend ahead?

unhappy hipsters

Haha, if you're in the mood for a good chuckle then Unhappy Hipsters is
the blog for you! Make sure you keep an eye on the 'Filed under' tag as well :)

Thanks for the link Katrina!

For all you peeps living in a flatting situation, this could be for you! I don't think I apply - living with your boyfriend in an apartment isn't really flatting. Never the less, a fun project to share with you all. Im not sure when this is taking place (it might already be over?) but flick them an email and find out. Fun!

Auckland Flat Photo is a photographic based project aimed at creating a visual archive of people living in a flatting situation in Auckland. Basically a printed modern yearbook, it allows a look back at the people you spent your time living around.

We are looking for people to be involved, if you and your flatmates can spare half an hour sometime in the next few weeks for us to come to your house and photograph, it is a chance to have a nice reminder of the people you have gotten drunk with/ cleaned up after/ stolen food from/ slept with/ argued at/ watched all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights with this year

This isn't sunday magazine; we're not so interested in your house, just the people in it, so don't worry if you live in a dump

If you're keen or know of someone who is please email us at

Im sorry, its Tuesday and I couldn't resist.
 How's your week going?

Image found here

that apartment!

I caught the last hour of Confessions of a Shopaholic last night - how cool is the apartment?! Argh... I love it.

Images found here.

Sam I am

I could have posted many, many more beautiful images by Australian photographer Samuel Nolan, but perhaps you should go and look for yourselves :)

i heart colour

Amy over at the Citta Design blog noticed a common colour theme occurring
in the movie Heartbreaker
Have you seen the movie? (a definite must). Did you notice the colour theme?

black & yellow, black and yellow...

I don’t know if its the floor, or the yellow / black / white
colour combo... Whatever it is I LOVE these two interiors.

images found here and here

summer loving

I am sitting at my desk with the sun streaming in, reminiscing about
the beautiful Sunday we just had, and dreaming about summer.
This kitchen is the epitome of summer - White walls & cabinetry teamed
with a driftwood rail. Perfect!


They might break the bank, but I am sure they would be worth every penny!