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My (I use the term loosely) stylist, the brilliant Anna Church, put me (& my fellow design team members) onto NZ stylist Katie Lockhart who was giving a talk at Aalto Colour in Newmarket.
This 'talk' (it was all of 10 minutes - not long enough at all!) happened last week & I have been meaning to write a post & share some of her fantastic images ever since. Some of these you may already have seen floating about. Katie's 'passion for colour' - which is strongly evident in her work - grew from the tender age of 4 when her mother painted her a 'beautiful' floral bedroom in every shade of brown - go mum! Check out Katies site here.


Anonymous said...

You should also checkout the models created buy artist Gidon Bing for Katie Lockhart/karen Wlaker/Resene http://www.resene.co.nz/pdf/Karen_Walker_Home_magazine.pdf

carina said...

yes! i have seen these, very, very cool :)