hunting trophy

while flicking through the april/may 08 issue of HOME magazine, i came across these 'trophy' hangers by new zealand designer phil cuttance. my first thought was 'where can I buy one?!' they are a quirky/comical take on the traditional deer head hunting trophys that we probably remember adorning the walls of our grandparents houses. in my case we had a bull horn 'trophy' & I remember thinking how ugly it was. these little trophys however are beautiful objects & i would have absolutely no problems hanging a series of these on my walls! my favourite is the 'mouth wide open' hippo & its stumpy hippo body. i love phil's idea of mounting not only heads but bodies as well "when i started cutting the animals' heads off, i didnt want to waste the back ends of them, so thought why not use them too?"- these 'trophys' make me laugh & are a great find for someone who loves the avant-garde & something a little bit weird.
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