giddyup horsey!

a modern take on an old favorite - the rocking horse, or in this case the rocking stool.

The 'giddyup' rocking stool by new zealand designer tim wigmore is made from second handle saddles that have been given a new lease of life. the growing concern/issue of sustainability in the design world is addressed by tim through the use of sustainable hoop pine or gabbon marine-grade plywood for the rocking base, stainless steel screws to attach the saddle to the base, & non-toxic (eco-friendly)orange citrus oil (used to polish the saddle). tim says that sitting on the seat is just like riding a horse - it's uncomfortable at first, but becomes more natural the longer you sit on it - so dont be put off! This stool is just plain old fun. image is taken from HOME magazine apr/may 08

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