the day we said 'I do'

I thought I would share some pic's from my recent wedding. I hope you like them :)


Fancy! New Zealand Design Blog said...

What an awesome day it looks! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

hey! I am getting married at the Whangateau Hall next year also! Can I just ask how many people you had there? We have 100 and I'm a little worried about having them all seated in the hall! thanks!

CARINA said...

Hi :)
We had about 85 guests, however we did not have a sit down dinner. We put four tables up in the hall (seating 8ppl each) and then offered picnic blankets to other guests to sit outside on (we had woodfired pizza and Mr Whippy - so very casual)
I think you would manage to fit 100ppl (might be a little tight) but you would have to move tables for dancing :) Hope that helps! Its a great venue :)