Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year - lets hope for lots of sunshine, swimming and BBQs!
Keep safe and see you in 2013.

today in photos

My flowers are blooming and my owl mug has arrived in time for the Christmas holidays - I love this time of the year!

We are having a Chilli plant growing competition with some friends. We are feeding ours with worm juice and they aren't.
We think worm juice is the ultimate plant growing stuff, whereas they aren't convinced by it.
Only time will tell.

the WORLD of b-b-b-benny

Check out this funny interview with the fabulous Benny Castles from WORLD.

Father Rabbit - doing good things for Christmas.

Make sure you check out their Facebook page too!

friday funny

Isn't this just hilarious??
Enjoy your weekend everyone - Im not sure what the weather is doing, but fingers crossed for no tornados :(

This is what 100m of homemade bunting looks like - all ready and waiting for our wedding.

treasure hunt

Im forever on the search for the perfect earring. These are amazing, but where, oh where can I buy them from??
I think some long hours (hopefully minutes) of internet trawling may be ahead…

The owl thing certainly isn't anything new, but its still hard to resist the little guys when they pop up as cute things like these cups. My afternoon cup of green tea would taste so much better in one of these :)

sure to rise / pikelets

The Edmonds recipe challenge #6 – Pikelets.

Pikelets topped with whipped cream and strawberries - perfect on an overcast Sunday afternoon.
When it comes to making Pikelets I always find that the first few come out fairly average and then get better and better as I continue. Does this happen to you? Whats the secret to making perfect Pikelets from the start?