I've been a bit light on the posts this past week. Sorry :)
Have you begun putting your christmas decorations out yet? Do you have some interesting DIY projects under way? I've just seen this advent calender DIY.

I loved having advent calenders as a kid. Mum always got one with chocolate behind each door, and being one of four kids meant that it was a loooong wait until we got to open a door and devour our very own chocolate! Yum!

brad pitt and chanel no. 5

An unexpected combo.

Every time I visit Love Mae, they have something new for me to share with you. These new bamboo dinner sets are perfect for the little ones in your life. I am especially adoring the cups - I love those patterns! Im crossing my fingers that they bring them out as separates sometime soon.

christmas shopping

Its probably a little frivolous buying Christmas decorations from the States – Im sure we have perfectly good ones right here, but how can I resist these bottle brush animals and confetti system ornaments?? I don't think I can...

Bright, geometric details add a fun vibe to this DIY wedding.

realisation of the day...

pinterest is my new google. Do you agree?

so mint!

I wish I was a kid again, just so I can wear these sweet threads from Minti.

Well, well, well, what an exciting week.
Citta Design's online store is finally open for business!
They currently only ship within New Zealand, but send them an email - shop@cittadesign.com - if you live further afield and Im sure they'll help you out!

sure to rise / raisin loaf

The Edmonds recipe challenge #5 – Raisin Loaf. 1st Edition Recipe.

This recipe is a true Edmonds classic, having been around since the first edition of the book was printed. The recipe is super quick to make, and only includes a tablespoon of butter and no eggs or milk. One tablespoon of golden syrup is added to the mix, and the amount of flavour it adds is amazing. The loaf is the perfect accompaniment to your mid afternoon cup of tea.

Instead of fireworks, how about letting off a vibrant explosions of colour against a blue sky!

Images found here.

happy friday!

I think we're in for a wet weekend...
What are your plans?
We're off house hunting. Hopefully it doesn't rain too much :)

DIY rain cloud magnets found here.

The perfect summer reading companion.

november already!

Can you believe that it's the 1st of November today? It seems unreal... Christmas is less than two months away!
Its time to start thinking about Christmas presents, and more importantly, present wrapping ideas. Im totally inspired by this neon/washi tape/kraft paper/stamp combo. Im going to file it away and do my own take on it come Christmas. Love it!