Christina Hendricks AKA Joan from Mad Men. She's simply stunning.

just build a tent

Wouldn't a tent like this make the perfect bedroom space if you lived in a studio apartment? It would be like camping all year round, but with the luxuries of home. Fun!!

I have a huge soft spot for ceramics, and these 'organic' handmade plates by Urban Cartel from Melbourne, are pushing all the right buttons. If I wasn't on such a strict budget (I've got a wedding & house to pay/save for!) a few of these would be winging their way over to me.

granny blanket how to

Im back! Ill post some photos of my trip later this week or next. But in the mean time, I found a DIY on how to make this granny knit stripe blanket. Ive seen pictures of this blanket on blogs all year and have always loved it, so finding a DIY is super exciting.
Now I just have to learn how to crochet, or sweet talk my mum into making it for me :)

Im out of here for two weeks. Im flying to Bavaria to see my sister and then heading down to Greece for an inspiration trip courtesy of work - I love my job!!
See you all soon.

Image found on pinterest.

get ready for 2013

You can pre-order the 2013 Frankie daily journal now - yussss!

Doesn't this look delicious?


There will be no fancy calligraphy on my wedding envelopes, but I'm thinking they will need something...
What do I do?
Create a festive look with this bunting stamp?, keep it simple with this cute 'Please Deliver To:' stamp? or glitz things up with gold dots?