A little project, which is part of a bigger project, that I am working on. Ill do a grand reveal when its completed.

for the (almost) love of velvet

I've never been a big velvet fan, but I am slowly turning the corner and embracing it & all its glory! Its hard to ignore it when there are so many fine examples of velvet homeware and furnishing out there. In the right colour, velvet can be the most rich and divine thing, cant it?
I don't think Im quite brave enough for this new Castle Velvet Duvet cover, but I am adoring their standard pillowcases.

Dear Colleen,
I like your tees & hoodies.
Love Carina.

this way of life

Highly, highly recommend you watch this documentary.

Im stocking up on wine through some great online deals for my wedding in February. Unfortunately its means a mish-mash of different labels and bottle sizes/shapes. To create some consistency I'm going to design & print my own labels, and I'm being inspired by these, and many more, great designs. Wine branding has come a long, and exciting, way!

My icing / cake decorating skills are non existent. Honestly, I am useless.
I found this icing (frosting) colour formula yesterday and it really, really makes me want to learn how to decorate! Aren't the colours lovely?!


My 30th birthday present Flox paintings are here!! It was so exciting picking up the finished pieces on friday morning. I couldn't wait to get them home and on the wall. They look soooooo good! I am one happy 30 year old :) x

Perfect little gems for your ears. Im tossing up between these and these.

take five with karen

Stumbled across this on the Anthropologie website today. Its really cute. Check out all of the images here. Did you know they were selling Karen Walker? I didn't.


Ive been thinking of going bright for my wedding, & after seeing pictures from this wedding I am feeling totally inspired.
Its a hard battle choosing a colour theme - do I go loud & bright, or go soft & pretty? Do I even want to limit myself with a colour theme. Or does it make things easier? Is there anyone out there with some advice?

the forest feast

There is nothing more satisfying thats a beautifully presented recipe.