I made my first ever batch of Macarons last night, which were surprisingly successful! I had heard that they were quite tricky to make so I found some good online instructions, watched youtube videos and away I went.
They still need a few tweaks - mainly on colour, flavor and piping skills - but all in all everyone seems very impressed by them. Orders are flooding in (haha) and numerous friends have put their hands up as taste testers.

K is for Kani

Wow! This Australian fashion blogger is styling her way to (hopefully) winning the ASOS future stylist of the year competition.
I love her style!!

I bought a 'fireside lounger' on trademe and have been putting together an online moldboard of fabric and upholstery ideas, ready for my next term of classes starting mid May.
I like the idea of contrasting coloured piping, and mixing solid colour with pattern.
I just have to decide on a colour palette and source some fabric. Any suggestions on where to go for interesting fabric? 


I haven't ventured down the 'wallpaper for iphone' path yet, but Im going to upload one after seeing these free downloads by Eat Drink Chic.

Here is a peak at what we got up to at work this afternoon. The tassel garland looks so fun I feel like having a party!

oh joy!

Ive been hankering after some colorful teaspoons by LEIF for AGES, but they never shipped to NZ.
But! that has changed and I have order this limited edition 'Oh Joy' set - exciting!!!!

The taxidermy birds in this home are beautiful. The colour of their feathers pop within their setting - as beautiful in death as they were in life.

found via


Usually this type of pant wouldn't be my style, but OMG these look comfy.

My Rollie shoes have finally arrived (after a delay* and style change)! You should get yourself a pair, they are the most comfortable shoe EVER!

*the derbys that I ordered had sold out in my size, so I got the chukka boots which are just a cool!

colour me happy

Colourful hand cut leather earrings. A perfect colour injection for the fast approaching winter.

I would love some simple studs. Kind of like these. Or, perhaps you have some other suggestions?


When I own a front door, I want a door knocker like this.

Have a safe, happy & chocolatey Easter break everyone!

www shopping

This Eternity Star ring by Zoe & Morgan would make the perfect wedding band.
And! I wish Zara would ship to NZ. I want this dress!!!!

Third Drawer Down. Makes doing the dishes so much fun.

temporarily beautiful

Easter is looming - which means a four day weekend, hot cross buns, LOTS of chocolate & my birthday!!
These temporary tattoo eggs are fun. My mum & stepdad dye hard boiled eggs every easter & play a 'smashing' game where they try & break each others eggs - the loser egg cracks & the winning egg moves on to face another opponent. I wouldn't particularly want to use one of these lovely tattooed eggs in this 'brutal' game - but I could win the prize for best dressed egg.

When they planted wildflowers along the motorway at Bombay I thought it was the prettiest sight. It made driving that stretch of road so enjoyable. The flowers have long since gone, but my memory of them still remains.
Autumn is perfect planting time for wildflower seeds. You can get this bee friendly (always good!) mix right here, and the price is really good. I want to buy a mix & sprinkle them in random places.