sure to rise / edmonds cookbook challenge

I just bought an Edmonds Cookbook - Can you believe I didn't have one?? What sort of kiwi girl am I??
We always had an Edmonds cookbook growing up and it was the source of all my baking attempts whilst a kid - I don't know how many times I baked a Madeira cake.
I was flipping through this current edition and noted all my childhood favs plus the new additions, and have decided to set myself a challenge. I am going to cook my way through the Edmonds cookbook. One recipe* a week, starting with the Gingerbread Loaf - yum! I love ginger and this is quite a goodie. With oats & raisins it feels like a slightly healthier version of your usual ginger loaf. I think next time I might add a touch more ginger and maybe substitute the golden syrup for treacle.

Ill post photos of all the recipes I make on the blog. And let me know if you would like the actual recipe as well.
Note to self: I think I might need to improve my food styling skills.

* I have decided that I wont include make the recipes which use offal or pre-mixed cake / pancake / pikelets mixes.


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