Isn't she beautiful?
This reminds me of Adam & Eve, and the Garden of Eden.

little ink

Ohhhh.... a one stop wrapping, crafting and entertaining online store situated right here in little ol' NZ!

Something to keep in mind! haha.
Found here.

A birthday shout out to my boyfriend! xx
(how cute is this vintage card? Available from Pencil Boutique at BLOC)

gone but not forgotten

Marika Jones' prints pay homage to the 'good old days'.

"These works are all about celebrating the things we have a love of as New Zealanders, even if we haven't seen the pink & white terraces or a moa - we can still romanticise about them and can be proud to share a history with them".

I had the most delicious rhubarb tart from Little & Friday yesterday. Just looking at the photo makes me want another. A pitt stop during the weekend might be in order...

out of this world

My weekend purchase - Galaxy pants from Jetset Bohemian. Soooo excited about these!!

How fine you would look sitting next to my feline plate.

quirky, eccentric & a little dark

Loving these Evie Kemp prints on Once it today.

I found these little gems here.

sparkle, sparkle

I just discover this amazing glitter card at spotlight. Why have I not seen this before??