new year, new look

Im updating the look of my blog, thanks to the help of Pugly Pixel, her wonderful free blog templates & other goodies. I don't know the first thing about coding, so these have been a life saver.
Im going to add a background, & possibly a banner - although... do I need one?

In other news, I treated myself to an iPhone (!!) & am loving the instagram app - sooo addictive. One of my favorite shots is this one of my niece who is completely infatuated with Olo the Boa by Citta Design.


Bee said...

Oh cool, I need a blog update too. Yay to iPhone! I love instagram also. Happy New Year!

CARINA said...

Pugly pixel has some good ones - esp if you're like me and don't know the first thing about coding :)
happy new year to you too!