alter piece

Seed gallery's annual Christmas exhibition is now up and running.
Works have been selling like hot cakes, so make sure you head down there
to snap something up before they're all gone!

reindeer hugs

I love all the free gift tag downloads which start popping up around christmas.
This is a favorite from Eat Drink Chic

a good scandal!

Ive always wondered what the knife and fork thought about this.
Inject some fun into doing the dishes with this new tea towel from Gorgi.

beci for frankie

A slightly different take on a Christmas wreath by Beci Orpin for Frankie magazine.

DIY cutlery

Bamboo cutlery + japanese washi tape = the best dinner party ever!
Images found herehere / this blog is lovely, I only wish I could read it...

flox murals make car park sing

Park your car and exit in style at the Britomart car park thanks to artist Flox.
I'm going to park here just so I can see her work.

p.s: did you know you can buy Flox greeting cards at Iko Iko? I almost went mad in the weekend with this discovery.

So, I found some really cool hessian fabric which I really want to buy, but I don’t know what to do with it once I have it.
I saw this picture today, and suddenly thought – A rug! I could make a rug!

Has anyone made a rug before? Does anyone have any ideas on how I could do it? I have a few ideas, but want to see what you would do.

The cutest kids clothes ever!

preparing for the festive season

Christmas at Studio of Mae -  buy the tree & make some tags. Cute!

a spot of neon

Ohhhh...hello lovely! Castle releases another bedlinen gem!

filigree - its good!

Karen Walkers Filigree jewelry is going straight onto my wish list.


Help raise money and awareness for prostate cancer by supporting the annual Movember appeal.
If you would like to donate to a team, then how about supporting the South Auckland eMogency Response Unit - a team of young firefighters doing their bit to raise awareness.

Cupcake image found here

le grande suspension

Fancy a giant match or paper plane in your living room?
Go see Gary over at Clever Bastards. He'll sort you out.

does someone you know need this christmas card?

This made me chuckle.
Chuckle is a funny word isn't it?

Illustrative goodness by Danielle Kroll


Colourful spot prints over at Castle