Do you think this would be an easy DIY? I need something like this, not only for books but other bits and pieces too.

Image source

Painted house

colour WOW!!
This house is amazing.

confetti madness part 2

Quick! Lets throw another party!

colour punch

Saben's new summer 2011 / 12 collection makes me happy.

Can I tempt you with some loveliness?

The food and styling on this blog is divine!


**Sigh** I wish that these scarves hadn't sold out!

Colourful, whimsical folklore. Such a delight!

confetti madness

Time to throw a party!

not quite flat beads

Im not much of a necklace wearer, but these could be life changers.

Spotted on Oh Joy!

Velvet mouse slippers by Marc Jocobs... lets pretend winter isn't almost over.

silly buddy

Quick, someone get me a dog!

I would be happy in this house, but...

I wonder what the neighbours would say?

I am lovely the exchange rate at the moment.
It means I can afford things like this.

Im being captivated by ombre at the moment, so its no
wonder this necklace has caught my attention.

a merry mishap

It would sure by merry, but certainly not a mishap,
if these happened to find their way to my ears.

these would have made all of the kids jealous

These totes remind me of a swimming bag I had when I was a kid, only these
are 10x cooler.

little details

The font styles, stamp & masking tape details on this wedding invite are beautiful.

What a fun idea. All you need are some beautiful ceramic knobs and a clever way to attach them. With the exchange looking so good, a collection of these anthropologie knobs would look a treat!

maurice & king

A comment on this post, led me to this blog.
Another fav to add to the list.

It's been hard work getting through the day after seeing this picture.

DIY to do or not to do

After much debate over whether to leave the rug on the floor or hang it on the wall, I finally made a decision. What do you think? I love it!