I am hanging out for the weekend, but more importantly the
ROYAL WEDDING. Its only hours away!

a few nice things

I am loving the colour combinations of these geometric prints
And the dot?... well, it's just nice.

the tree of life

I really need some new winter shoes, but instead am tempted to spend my money on this rug from Trade Aid. It was love at first sight...surely I can't let it go? 

a wee bit x-rated

Must see food websites to solve all your ‘Whats for dinner?’ dilemmas.


Look what I scored for my birthday! Thanks sis!!
Ive had my eye on this Alyson Fox print forEVER, & now
its all mine, all mine...!!!

Where can I get some red tights like these?
SO! cool.
image via The Satorialist

ugly reigns

It is I LOVE UGLY's 3rd anniversary - has it been that long already?!
Congrats guys!
I totally love their styling, especially the image above.
check out their vid.

sweet tooth

Wow, how delicious does this look?!
You can make your own, and it looks kinda easy.
Must try one day. Have a happy Easter break.

look in the third drawer down

Especially loving the monkey pillow.


I think I may have found my winter tights, and umbrella (are you for sale?).

ending the week with...

These amazing illustrations by Sara Blake.
Check her out at the upcoming We Can Create.

Leah, you make my heart sing!


How cool are the new Parinto tees! Especially loving the kelly green egg. Available in Mens & Womens sizes.


I adore these quilt! Have I posted them before?
Probably, I just love them so much!!
Has anyone ever made a quilt? Are they easy to make??
A winter project perhaps...

(I cant remember where I found this image...sorry!)

Masahiro Mori

I came across this picture over at Oh Joy! today, & realized they were the exact same mini cups I was fawning over in Tokyo!!

beautiful things

When you hear about a group of young Art & Design graduates coming together to create, you know you can expect to see beautiful things.

Tofutree has teamed up with toggle to bring us a range of brightly coloured, kiwiana themed art and cards...

'Our main focuses of work are paintings and jewellery designs, and the main source of inspiration is the natural beauty and kiwi lifestyle that can be found only in our precious country. Every work reflects the uniqueness of true New Zealand identity, whether it is the people, nature, or the environment. We hope to continuously make lovable things and share them with you.'

wall art

Beautiful hand drawn and printed wallpapers made right here in New Zealand.
Big thumbs up PaperHands!