For all you peeps living in a flatting situation, this could be for you! I don't think I apply - living with your boyfriend in an apartment isn't really flatting. Never the less, a fun project to share with you all. Im not sure when this is taking place (it might already be over?) but flick them an email and find out. Fun!

Auckland Flat Photo is a photographic based project aimed at creating a visual archive of people living in a flatting situation in Auckland. Basically a printed modern yearbook, it allows a look back at the people you spent your time living around.

We are looking for people to be involved, if you and your flatmates can spare half an hour sometime in the next few weeks for us to come to your house and photograph, it is a chance to have a nice reminder of the people you have gotten drunk with/ cleaned up after/ stolen food from/ slept with/ argued at/ watched all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights with this year

This isn't sunday magazine; we're not so interested in your house, just the people in it, so don't worry if you live in a dump

If you're keen or know of someone who is please email us at

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