here I come!

Did I tell you I am off to Tokyo?!
I leave on Monday for a week & have been noting down all the wonderful suggestions on what to do & where to go from Daydream Lily - who is also heading to Tokyo.
I am most excited about the Harajuku girls!
Ill see you when I get back.

Harajuku Girl photo found here.


Anonymous said...

hope you are o.k. and safe after the quake of this afternoon.

Bee said...

Hope you are OK Carina! x

jasmin said...

hello Carina - i haven't visited you before but strangely i remembered your comment on DaydreamLilly's blog - about going to Tokyo - I hope that you are okay - are you a kiwi? - the world must seem a little scary for you right now - much love from a stranger - jasmin xx

carina said...

thanks for your comments everyone!I am home safely after a few scary days. Was having an awesome time in Tokyo until the quake hit! nice to be home, but my heart goes out to all everyone in Japan.