Merry Christmas everyone! Ill see you all in the New Year. Have fun :)

swan lake


This swan would sit nicely next to the vase im hoping to find under the tree on the 25th.

neck hugger


Its a wee while until winters rolls round again, but when it does i want one of these!

oh so...


...Lovely! Cushions by Mieke Willems (as in Veronik Williams & Meike Verbijlen)



This Share Some Candy site is really good. Have you seen it before?
I found a newish feature article on our all time fav card maker katydid, & got a glimpse into her studio - bonus!
If you're in the mood for a visual feast, then pop along & browse the artists & links. You're in for a treat!

I popped into Ruby last week for a nosy & saw that Henrietta Harris (w Kelly Thompson & Shayna Quinn) was having an exhibition.
I love Henrietta's illustrations, & with all the press (cleo) (fashion quarterly) (viva) she's been getting lately, I can see im not the only one who thinks shes ace.



Two new (well, new to me anyway) new zealand blogs - Ferrit & The Art of Being in Between

going west

Who knew the NZ Book Council could be so cool?

trees please


Instead of having a bunch of flowers delivered to your special someone, how about a tree? A lovely native for example.
Trees Please is a NZ website dedicated to helping keep NZ green, beautiful & eco friendly. 10 points guys :)

carina does melbourne & beyond

Brighton Beach huts - I dig those clashing colours!

sorry Australia, it just had to be done. We thought it might be illegal to paint over the star,
so this was the next best thing.

this was the hut most worthy of my 'model' pose

a glimpse of the twelve apostles along the great ocean rd. beautiful
scenery gazing

I thought I would share a few pics from my weekend in Melbourne. Had a amazing time filling my belly with gorgeous food & friends & taking in the sights along the Great Ocean Road.

they're with friendy


Limited edition prints with 'Friendy' over at clever bastards.


Have been super busy with our winter 2010 photoshoot, & a quick trip to Melbourne inbetween.
so just a small post today...
Managed to pop down to the Hoopla! exhibition at Seed Gallery last week. Do you like the pieces I bought?