pretty sneaky

Ever the chuck's fan, these shoes are fun, fun, FUN!!
Im sure even my gran would love these :)
check out Pretty Sneaky's custom knitted chuck taylors

i got to go to fashion week

oh my goodness, I was lucky enought to go the Huffer/Miss Crabb collaberation fashion show at fashion week last night. Free booze, free food, amazing clothes. What more could I ask for? a goodie bag maybe?!...

I found this crap video of some of the show. And, I can see myself in the crowd! Once I find some photos or a better video ill upload them for you :)

Hold on a second you might find this interesting.

candy coated

clever bastards

Zekiah Heath ceramics are now being sold over at clever bastards.
Is it bad that I always thought she was a he?? opps!
how was your weekend?

happy friday

Lovely, lovely paper cuts

whitcoulls, peepshows & puppets

Wow Whitcoulls you surprise me!
Props for putting a talented NZ artist on your new, made in NZ, stationary range!!

sniffle co.

sniffle co

I dont know much about sniffle co.
What I do know is that they're australian, there's some link to John Patterson from The Grates, & their brooches & buttons rock.
Oh, and the cereal looks good too :)

what claudia wore

I dont know how behind in the times I am, but this blog is hilarious!
Baby Sitters Club fan from back in the day (aren't we all?)? then you need to READ IT!!!

it just works


Why cant we have urban outfitters in NZ?
I found the best art viewing/biennale strolling top in London. If i could, I would buy another. Why, oh why cant we have urban outfitters in NZ?

i gotta have that


I returned to swing dancing last night, & discovered that one of my lovely co-dancers makes & sells fascinators & jewellery.
Her earrings (they're my pick!) are inspired by Tsumami Kanzashi & the fascinators by the swing era of the 30s & 40s & the beautiful pinups of the 50s.


tasty suite

TastySuite decals. They don't mince words.

good stuff


my BF introduced me to paloma nest. He bought me one of these.
Now im hooked, & constantly check her etsy store to see whats new

i heart these

fringe necklaces

Hey! so this is cool ya?!
I want both of these, and more.
Fringe necklaces by i heart norwegianwood

grow my own

Im going to try & grow some vegetables. I dont quite know how green fingered I am, but I figure if I fail miserably ill just have to settle for one of these...
rise, shine print by groundwork

flower cushions by dutch designer Nienke Sybrandy
(image found via Bloesem.)

tick tock

Ive decided that I want clocks. Lots of clocks, set to different times around the world - NZ, London, New York & Amsterdam.
Ive been inspired by this photo...

and have just seen these clocks on etsy. Good price too. Perfect!

restless things


I haven't been quite up to the blogging standard I was hoping to achieve now that im back for holiday...I need a computer. Im sick of staying late at work!
The $NZ is stronger which means I can start buying things off etsy again. Like these prints by restlessthings.

london calling

portobello road

The old red double decker bus, & big ben photos are a must, but a bit to cliche for me. Instead I thought I'ld show you a few delights from Portobello Road...
which is just like in the movies! Ice cream coloured houses, cupcakes from the hummingbird bakery & Cath Kidston. What more could a girl want?

p.s - remind me to show you my brand new niece (yay!!!!) & her Cath Kidston stretch & grow - the cutest thing you've ever seen!

its good to be back...


...ha! perhaps the understatement of the year. Why cant holidays last forever?!
I'll attempt to get back into full blogging action by next week. I have a gazillion photos to bore you with. Highlight of the trip? Venice.
Pic above is me (blondie), Daisy J & Hannah striking a pose at the Biennale...
Happy weekend everyone.