My dear friend Daisy is currently residing in England & posted a remark on a facebook photo of me & my new hair.
This resulted in a wee comment session which went something like this...

Daisy - Carina! You finally went platinum!! Looks rad! Kinda like a Waiuku* Munro - a Munro-bro, eh...? Love it!!

Me - A Munro? what?! Is that an english term or something?? I know, Diana was so happy when I let her loose!!

Enter Duncan -  Munro... as in... Marilyn Munro!

Daisy - That is right - thank you Duncan. Der brain Carina... a little too blonde...

Me (after finally understanding the Munro comment after thinking Daisy was referring to a racing car driver!!) - Actually, wait! Isn't it spelt Monroe? Hence my confusion???!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisy -  Yeah actually I think it is... but still, details details blondey! Anyway, I like it, even if it fried your brain x

So, for the two der brains in my life - Daisy & Duncan - this Marilyn Monroe drawing (by Marius Graesby) is for you!!

* Waiuku = the small country town I grew up in.

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Awesome Sara said...

omg that pic looks like the drawings from the scary stories series book i read when i was a kid!!

i want to see a pic of your hair