loan me or own me

I am in no ways a handbag person. I like them, but just dont buy them. I own two & think that's more than enough but at the same time i think how old they both are - not throw away, falling apart old, just out of fashion old. And every girl likes to be fashion-able in some areas!
When Carries assistant on Sex in the City divulged that her handbag was rented i thought - what a great idea!
Well... that great idea is here! I discovered it yesterday. That 'it' is LoanMe or OwnMe started by handbag enthusiast Amanda Easterbrook, Angie Tinker, a stylish Australian working in the NZ fashion industry & Annamae Kelleher - NY based personal shopper/handbag buyer.  The concept is simple - 

"We offer the rental (LoanMe) option of our exclusive, luxury handbags, as well as the sale (OwnMe) option of many of these bags at a rate that is greatly reduced... We pride ourselves on giving other bagaholics the opportunity to own a highly desirable, luxury handbag at a much more palatable price!"

Perhaps a little too fancy for me - I would prefer something I can throw on the floor of my car - but the idea is great!
To find out more, or to register & start loaning click here