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Its been a very quiet week on the blog front - ive been busy, busy, busy! ... next week shouldn't be so bad in terms of busy-ness ( I think) so I will have to double blog to make up for this week :)

We received the latest issue of Inside Out magazine a few days ago, & earmarked a few people/things worth mentioning -
1. Stylist Sibella Courts new 'home-like' Sydney shop, The Society Inc.
"...the actual building - & what I have done inside it - feels like all of my favourite shops from around the world come together..."
I wish I was a Sydney-sider, this shop sounds amazing - it is 'filled with objects to explore & desire' with a strong focus on textiles.

2. The delicate & beautiful paper work of artist Lizze Buckmaster Dove. 
"through the simple act of curving sheets of paper, birds flutter across the page like musical notes. By carving out a silhouette of native fauna, gardening journals become like collections of pressed flowers..."

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