semi-permanent 08

Right - Semi-Permanent. Where do I start? It was two full on days of listening to amazingly talented people talk about their work & what drives them. Some were brillaint to listen to, while others (dare I say it!) were a bore - I guess we cant all be animated, talented speakers. I know I definitely couldnt have done what they had to do! But all in all, everyone had work that blew me away.

My absolute favourite speakers were the following:

"everything I do, I do for love"
Marian was my absolute favourite speaker. Her work is just brilliant. Mainly text based her work is amazingly detailed, intricate & precise. The hours she spends completing a piece often far exceeds what she gets paid, yet the phrase above "everything I do, I do for love' drives her to finish a piece until its perfect.
Valentines day is a favourite yearly event for Marian, & every year she sends out a specially designed valentines for her clients & friends. All I can say is 'can I be your valentines too Marian?... please?"

hats off to those of you who can decipher this...

...and this - though i know what this one says :)

2. dumbo feather, pass it on
Aussie based kiwi Kate Bezar is the inspiring talent behind 'dumbo feather, pass it on' an award winning publication best described as a 'mook' - a cross between a magazine & a book.
Before Semi-Permanent I had never heard of dumbo feather, but am now hooked & desperate to get my hands on a copy to see what its all about. Im one of those people that needs to touch the things that capture my attention which is why im itching to flick through a copy of dumbo feather.
Dumbo feather is, well, its beautiful. I dont have any more photos to share with you, so you'll just have to trust me on that! 

Stefan is considered one of the most important graphic designers in the world today, so its pretty special to say that I have had the opportunity to hear him speak.
He has, at times, a side splitting sense of humour & works in a way which has resulted in his talents being sort after worldwide.


Tee said...

Hey Carina - how would I get in touch with you? Tee from

carina said...

email? can email me at

lilysmakebelieve said...

I only made it to see the Saturday speakers and am so disappointed I missed Marian. But enjoyed the rest none the less. I love Derek Hendersons photographs :) My attempt at the love heart lettering is 'MUSH, SINGLY,.... (pass), QUICKLY, ZIPPER, BUXOM?, XXLOVE, MARIAN' close?

carina said...

it wasnt until after I had published this post that I realised I had completey forgotten about derek henderson - he was a favourite too!! Ive started an 'opps i forgot' post just have to finish it (tonight hopefully!)

carina said...

oh - singly is 'tingly' :) I reckon everything else is pretty spot on - I think...!! haha