While at craftwerk the other week I did a bit of a whizz around & collected a heap of business cards - my graphic design training takes hold & I always seem to leave events with a mountain. You get a good feel of what a persons work is like through their business cards - which are, in there own right, works of art themselves. On such a small piece of card you have to make a mark.

Anyway! I picked up the business card for craft-d. My memory is quite rubbish & I can't recall what they were selling on their stall but I remember the pixel like, swirly graphics caught my eye. 
Craft-d began as an independent zine by Bethany McIvor in 2007 to explore the issue of craft in design. Through research & experimentation Bethany developed craft-d as a brand to encompass her style of design, creating limited edition prints which reflect the ability to mix aspects of graphic, textile & product design. 

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