princess tina

So ages ago I posted about a cute little tooth that I really liked on a top. Ive since been told that the tooth is by an australian designer Beci Orphin who has a quirky clothing & accessory line called Princess Tina.

I can tell you that this is a lady of many talents, but im sure you've guessed that already after looking at the vast array of images posted above. Beci seems to have her hands in a million & one projects, almost everyone knows about her, but my oh my is it hard to find images of her amazing work!

Its taken months, but I finally succeeded (hallejuiah!) - thanks to a link through design sponge who, luck have it, happened to post a short article about her yesterday. In my eyes design sponge is a measure of creative success, so I think Beci has made it big time, & too right, this is one clever lady :)

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Ginny said...

Beci Orpin is amazing huh? You know there are no auckland stockists right now? I have been trying to help them find a cool enough shop!
Leah who works with Beci is also super talented, she painted the really cute cat print tee you might have seen.