fabulous friends

Daisy Jackson ~ you could say that Daisy is a jack of all trades - her body of work ranges from sculpture to jewellery, photography, painting & mixed media as well as the old handicrafts of stitching & needlepoint. Daisy completed her masters in 2006 & has shown her work in various NZ & UK galleries.

note to self 2006

little lost boys 2008

stolen stories 2008

Victoria Chidley ~ Victoria is a talented photograph who's work seems to explore themes around the emotion of fear. Her work is powerfully eye catching through use of composition, subject matter & colour.
nightscapes series 2008

nightscapes 2008

Tony Brown ~ Tonys colour palette is limited to black, white & either red or blue. He creates amazingly detailed paintings exploring human emotion through facial expressions of his various models.

Wahine Ataahua 2007

Manea 2007

Suzy Carnachan ~ whether a painting or a pencil drawing Suzy's work is always intricately detailed. She uses a delicate colour palette & often employs old wallpaper, either cut to size or an entire roll, as her canvas.

untitled drawing 2008

I thought it was getting about time to share some of my many talented friends with you. After spending four years at art school you come out with a bundle of talented friends who are an excellent source for the starts of a small, but affordable art collection. I have paintings & photographs on my walls, beautiful jewellery pieces & numerous other treats floating around in various boxes. Unfortunately it is very hard to be a successful full time artist, try as we might, & many have become teachers or work in art galleries etc. I, however, still love them, & will never turn down an opportunity for a new artwork :) xx

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