balinese girl

I've been busy working at a photoshoot this week - oh the glamour! Today we were shooting at an impressive two story, slightly shabby, art deco house in Mt Albert, Auckland. During some down time I peeked through the window of the 'junk' room, & saw hanging on the wall the most fabulous portrait I have ever seen!

After some investigation I learnt that the portrait was a reproduction print of a painting by Russian artist Vladamir Tretchikoff.  Tretchikoff began painting in the 1920's at the tender age of 16 & found success as an artist in the 1930's. This painting, Balinese Girl, is from the 1950's. Described by some critics as the king of kitsch, Vladamir's prints became super popular & can now be hard to find. I, however, have managed to track some down via trademe & the internet, & fingers crossed the photographer at the shoot knows someone who is looking to sell two - exciting!

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