adorn yourself. adorn your wall

I also have to make a quick mention about the neawear etsy store - it seems we are ALL digging the cross stitch wall wear, & I am especially loving the autumn acorn necklaces.


lilysmakebelieve said...

oo yes we are all loving their stuff! The acorns are so great- such a simple idea! I especially like the jellyfish earrings too, I like the colour of that chain and am still pondering how they got it to look like that. The picture you posted of all the wallwear is brilliant, where did you find it? :) Hope all is well!

Janick - Nea said...

Oh wow!! Thanks so much for having my work on your blog, it is really nice of you!! :)

Lily - The verdigris chain from the Jellyfish Earrings is hand patinated by Gemmafactrix on Etsy, she sells some in her shop!! All the wonderful credit of that chain is hers! :)

carina said...

your more than welcome :)