new found love

I had a mini love affair in the started in the window of seed gallery in Newmarket & progressed as I wondered up the stairs & checked out their current exhibition by NZ artist Holly Shepheard. Entitled Synesthesia this exhibition is an explosion of vibrantly beautiful 'blots' of colour, that strive to evoke your senses, & certainly succeeds in doing so! I could honesty stand in front of these paintings all day...

Eve-Marie Leach sums this exhibition up well - '...the paintings pulse & move around in space arguing that the senses do not have fixed boundaries, nor are they containable. 

Synesthesia, the feeling of sensation in one part of the body when another is stimulated, is present in this new series & will begin another dialogue about the condition of painting, its compelling attraction & our fragile existence.' 

Make it a priority to get up/down to seed gallery & check it out - but make sure you do it quick smart because the exhibition closes on the sunday.

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