huhu grub

I found these coasters by chance on vanilla design & was instantly drawn to them. Im not sure if it was the name - huhu, or the fact that they have laser cut bugs on them - or a combination of the both - but these coasters are a breath of fresh air & are made in Dunedin NZ.

The name huhu transpired through combining the first two letters of the designers last names - Tim Hunt & Griff Humphreys, and is also an edible beetle native to NZ - which helps conveys the earthy nature & theme that run through the designs.

huhu coasters are limited season designs & change regularly, so get in quick to nab these ones!


brent said...

Hi Carina,
Thanks for covering the coasters...we are working on some new designs which should be out by November, in time for Christmas shopping. Nice blog BTW - very eclectic!
Brent Wilson

carina said...

cool, cant wait to see them :) will def keep an eye out