hey dutchy

So I've decided to explore my roots & check out some clever dutch artists & designers. My parents moved to NZ around 28 years ago, & although my heritage has always been a part of my life I have never really looked into what the dutch are doing creatively. So here is a small dose of what I have found so far, & what I really like... 

I found this image on design sponge.  It linked too a website that sells quite a wide selection of dutch art. Ive been to a few museums & galleries in Holland, & seen some amazingly rich & beautiful portrait paintings, so it was a change to see some new subject matter. The giraffe painting (as pictured above) is my favourite - it crosses from being a tiny bit of kitsch to being beautiful & classy.

This reminded me of when I was younger & we would make pompom balls. Although mine were never this big (I never had the patience for ones this size!) I used to love mixing as many colours as I could into one ball. As soon as I saw these pompoms by twins Marieke & Tineke Williams of Tweelink, I was taken, & knew I had found some special talent - love it!

How sweet are these rings! What could be better than a mini tea set on a ring, & a cute knotted button with what looks like a woven band. These pieces are made by dutch design label XS-M-L & are new, creative & fun.

I featured these poufs in my beanbag/ottoman round up, & had no idea they were created by someone dutch - how smart are they?! Made by Christien Meindertsma of the label FLOCK these poufs are truly beautiful - the huge knit & stony grey colours make for smart, modern furniture pieces.

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