i must not forget about this...

I must not forget about this, I must not forget about this,
I must not forget about this....
ohhhh.... I hope I dont forget about this!

diamond in the rough

An adaption of this would make a cute wedding invitation.


I had to share this furniture with you for two reasons:
1. Because its beautiful & it would be a crime NOT to show you
2. Because Slowwood is dutch, and im dutch, but even better, it is designed and made in the small part of holland that my family comes from! I wonder if that entitles me to mates rates?!

smelling like roses

One of my favourite florists is Roses Florist in Mt Eden village. Have you heard of them? They have the prettiest flowers and loveliest shop! Their website (plus blog)is pretty special too.

Ive just found the perfect dress! I don't think ill be showing
off my undies though...

another endemic world goodie...

Im not sure what the idea is behind this tea towel design, but I sure do like it. Perhaps they did it simply because it was going to look cool? or am I missing something?...

link sharing loveliness

Thanks to Studio Home for sharing the link to 326 Design Collective
over at Endemic World. I am especially loving the rhino tee at the top.

Its official, I am in LOVE with this ceiling!

diy dreaming

If I wasn't a renter, I would rip up the lino in my kitchen & bathroom,
and paint this on the floor.

where is the cool?

If I could knit & my BF was a corporate, I would make him this tie.

sweet nothings

These Studio of Mae decals are the sweetest things ever!