Oh no! I love glitter!!
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tim webber alert!

Wow, ok, so a new furniture designer I must tell you about.
Tim Webber!

He has set up an exhibition next to the citta design store*, and if I had money to burn I would be snapping up some new pieces for my house.
Loving his high gloss rustic wood, and his clean lined arm chairs and dining tables. I must find images of these...**

*20 Normanby Rd, 2 Level of the Bo Concept building.
** Fail on the image front, but will keep looking...

a little dilemma

I am having a slight cushion dilemma. Nothing matches! Working where I do, I always have odds and ends when it comes to soft furnishings, and ive been wondering if its about time I started colour scheming my home. What do you think?
Its hard when you are surrounded by lovely things on a daily basis, and LOVE colour!!

The mix and match cushions in this photo really work... Perhaps I simply need to build upon
my cushion collection? My boyfriend will laugh and then **sigh** if I bring more cushions home...
What is your cushion situation?
Perhaps I need to create a mood board and see what comes about from that?

p.s - I cant remember where I found this photo. Sorry!

friday laugh



I must say that I am excited about the up coming nuptials of Prince William and Kate. It might have something to do with the fact that he is the same age as me, hence we grew up together (not literally of course!)

Of all the royal wedding memorabilia, I have to say that this poster from Keep Calm Gallery is one of my favs. The circus is coming to town, and if I could, I would have front row seats! How exciting :)

help japan

I was in Tokyo when the devastating 9.0 earthquake, and then tsunami struck. After seeing what had happened to Christchurch I expected the worst & found the whole experience incredibly scary.
Although now home safe, Japan is never far from my mind. Being so far away I feel like I can't do much to help other than donate money...

If you like the red dot t-shirt above, please support Japan by purchasing one. T-shirts are available in both mens and womens sizes.


a statement piece

I seen all sorts of animal shaped cushions, round cushions, square cushions, knitted cushions, but never a house cushion!
Celebrating the boxy-ness of a classic kiwi state house, this Genevieve Packer cushion is the perfect addition to all good couches.

Available to buy here.

new season launch!

Citta Designs brand new collection 'New York Stories' has just gone live.
Keep an eye out for the moving birds and cats - so cute!!

cat lovers

So, you've all heard about The Sartorialist, but have you heard about The Catorialist?

good enough to eat!

Im sure I can safely say that food & jewellery are most females two favourite things.
But when combined... ummm, hello...could you put a smile on my face any faster?!
Melbourne based jeweller Lucy Folk has a beautiful collection of delightful jewellery pieces inspired by our favourite culinary delights.  See the entire collection here.

p.s i must tell you about my adventures(?!!!) in Tokyo.... stay tuned :)

peachy keen

I was lucky enough to attend the wedding ceremony of one of the girls at work earlier this summer, & just spied her wedding invite online at Magpie Press. I love the peach colour scheme she choose & the font ties in perfectly.

Also loving these Magpie press limited edition prints. Lovely.

clever ply

Ive always had a soft spot for zebras, & zebra rugs, although Ive never liked the idea of killing them so that my floor looks pretty.
But look! problem solved!! This plywood zebra rug floor is making me smile - you can have a zebra rug without any loss of life!

If you like bears, then you're covered too!

here I come!

Did I tell you I am off to Tokyo?!
I leave on Monday for a week & have been noting down all the wonderful suggestions on what to do & where to go from Daydream Lily - who is also heading to Tokyo.
I am most excited about the Harajuku girls!
Ill see you when I get back.

Harajuku Girl photo found here.

nz hearts chch

Wear your heart on your chest. 
A great fundraiser to help our dear earthquake stricken fellows.