bowled over

Its that time of year again!
Seed Gallery has just opened their 30 artists, 300 artworks exhibition Bowl Me Over.
Pieces are selling for $80 & availability is getting low!!
Ive got mine. Have you?

sweet mexican dreams

Ive been living and breathing our mexican theme for a good year now but am still loving it!
I have just spied this bedspread and am wondering if the back account can take another hit...!!!

uh oh...

I just spent a whole lot of money on some alexander girard dolls from Cite.
My poor savings account!

Have a happy weekend. I think we are in for a wet one.

new blog alert!

citta design blog coming soon!! and there are whispers of an online store... hip hip horray!
p.s thanks for the lovely post julia!

favourite foxes

I think Foxes may be my one stop christmas shop. I may have to point my family in its general direction too :)


Are we really top NZ designers? Im not sure, but we'll take it!
click image to enlarge

bless his little nose!

Looking for a new desktop wallpaper? Our friends at Frankie can help you out! Click here.

jamies flash mob

I saw this on telly tonight and thought it was pretty clever.

i saw her and then found more...

Link clicking got me here and then here.

this pencil...

Drew these. Nice!

i love you like a fat boy loves cake

How many L words can you get into one sentence?
Over at
Clever Bastards they managed eleven for this Fat Boy tea towel!
"Inspired by old sayings and creating new meaning to make you laugh at this large, lazy, lard ass, lay about lad, licking a luscious lump of layered loaf."

wa wa wee wa!


Its november, its been ages since I lasted posted, a bit of R18 nudity & tattoos = Awesomeness!