pony ride take two


Ponyriders second collection is out now.
Its good, real good...
I am particularly loving the wall stickers.

Broken Puppet


A Broken Puppet email has just landed in my inbox announcing the recent opening of their new store.
Its just up the road from work, so ill see you all there for a looksie.
Should be good.

If your an out of towner, then pop into their e-boutique.

Auckland crafters


Hello Aucklanders!!
Circle this date in your diary. Should be good.

For more information click here

radar detector

haha, I have no idea wh this guy is, but he has some seriously cool (?!) dance moves.

Check it out.

(arghh.. does any one know why my youtube videos are always cut off??)

Ive been meaning to post this all week, a& now cant remember where i found it.
Is this not the most perfect way to say sorry to your beloved?

Have a happy weekend.

the smithstitch


A whole lot of floral makes for some bright & cheery kiwiana.
Lovely do-it-yourself needlepoint cushions now available on toggle.

cut and paste


Hello! :)
I love the styling of these Cheri Messerli necklaces with found images. Simple, but so clever.