no shit!...


...this is actually chocolate!!
Kind of makes the stomach turn doesnt it!
See more weird and wonderful things here.
Have a happy weekend

winter must have

I don't mind the up & coming arrival of winter if it means wearing sweet things such as this!

Kidnapped merino blouse by papercup. Available at swonderful.



The latest installment in Frankie cookbooks is now available!! Get your very own copy of Sweet Treats here

Also available at your local Borders.

an outing


Four knuckle dusting ducklings happen across a tea party. Oh the fun they had!

New range available at Sniffle Co.

i heart wood


This is simply to die for.
I love paintings on wood.



Im a bit of a sucker for a good postcard, so finding these by Fricdementol interesting...

Taking quite a fancy to her journals & sachet pillows too.

tv star


A bit of media coverage is always good...
Except when they get your brand name wrong AND don't know what they're talking about (i didn't realise my cushion was a leaf & french inspired!)!!!
Oh well, still nice to see our designs getting out there :)

View the video here.
p.s - Im not sure how long it'll be up for.

i wish...

As much as I love NZ sometimes I wish I lived somewhere a little more exciting. Somewhere so I can pop into Beci Orpin exhibitions... like this one, 'infinite shape of rainbows' opening tomorrow night...

Instead, I can pop on over to her new online store & have a good peruse & mind spend...

hand drawn wonderful


How fun are these ceramics??!!!
They remind me of old colourbooks taken to by almost empty felt tip pens.



Im going to do the big move in with the BF later this year. Im going to make a blackboard and get me one of these.



P.S. - you can get a cloud cookie cutter here

keeping calm


I love this!! I dont recall buying myself a birthday present this year... I think this may have to be it. perfect :)
keep calm and shine on print available from Please Be Still

clouding over


After a beautiful birthday weekend (28!!), the clouds have come out.

Cloud cookie recipe found via forty-sixth at grace. yum!

its that same BOY

For some reason my blog is cutting part of the video screen off. It may just be this computer...
if you cant see it either, than click here



Did you have a good easter?
I went camping. It showered, but mostly it was sunny. It was mainly warm, but a little bit cold. Summer is over :(