say hello...

olive Olive. My brand new doorstop. Purchased this morning at the ever popular Kraftbomb, & put straight to work!
Morepork butlers also available here.

well preserved

There's something about glass jars in kitchens that I can't get enough of right now.
This is what I've been spying around the blogging world...

And its what ill be doing to when I get my own place. Cant wait!
(images via Oh Joy Eats, Design is Mine, and one other source which I cant remember sorry!)

if you're a fan...

an indian soirée

I promised you some images a few weeks ago & have finally got my A into G & put them up for you... proudly introducing the Citta Design Winter 2010 range - an Indian Soirée.

Visit our website to see the full range & an overview on our inspiration & theme.

"textile designer by training, passionate multi-skilled designer by choice"


Ohhhh...there is a new clever bastard on the block - Genevieve Packer.
I have always been a fan of Genevieve's jewellery, and am now digging her brightly coloured textiles.



There is nothing better than a limited edition t-shirt collaboration by your favourite illustrator, Anke Weckmann, & magazine, Frankie.
There are only 100 available, so if you want one, you better get your skates on!

letters of the alphabet


Ive been having a bit of a necklace obsession lately, and think these Letterpress pieces are pretty snazzy.

winter warmers


The days are getting shorter & colder, & summer sales are in full swing.
Arghhh...winters on its way.
Its time to top up with some new winter warmers.

kitchen dreams

Organized chaos + red & mint = yes please!
Image via design is mine.

i want a necklace


All sold out, but deliciously yum!
p.s - the shop is being updated soon.

forever flowers


A toggle email landed in my inbox 5 minutes ago, I was so excited about these hand printed & sewn roses I had to post them straight away.
If you're a fake flower fan (why?!), then throw away your boring bunches & get these into your house. You'll be the envy of all your fake flower collecting friends (do these people exist?!). I LOVE these!

my sydney cherry has been popped


Wow - what a mad week. By the week end I would have worked 16 days straight - im looking forward to a saturday morning sleep in!

Ive just spent my first ever, 6 days in sydney. An opportunity came about through work, & I jumped at the chance to go.
Aside from working, I managed a night out at Madri Gras (have you ever seen so may people?!), Bondi beach (lovely!), the fish markets (yum!), the opera house &, to top it all off, I found my way to Paddington, to see Sibella Courts shop, Society Inc - a definite highlight.

As it turned out, the shops opening hours meant it was closed (just my luck), but a lovely man let me in for a look around - yay!
Have you ever been to Society Inc? I could have spent hours in there.
I didnt take any photos of the inside - I always feel a bit cheeky doing that - but managed a few snaps outside the building. I love Society Inc, everywhere you look is a visual delight. Ill definitely be back!