upon a fold

upon a fold

Sometimes you Australians do it so well. Upon a Fold = paper heaven!

sail away with me


I had a massage on saturday (bliss!) with a lady who is a little psychic. She saw an Ocean relating to me, but couldn't tell me what it was in relation too. She may have been seeing my upcoming trip to Sydney?
Whatever she saw, I thought these boat prints were appropriate. Im especially loving the top print.

{top - Charmaine Olivia} {bottom - Lizzy Stewart}

food related


Judging by the images im posting this afternoon, I think im feeling hungry...
Pop along to Mr PS' etsy store right here.



The day has finally come... Anthropologie ships to New Zealand! Its mighty expensive, but well worth a treat every now and again.



Haha, this is my friends new kitten. Enough said.



Cards for complicated people.
Individually hand painted by sydney based artist Anna Fraser.

exquisite handjob


My car is usually in this state before it gets a clean...
Calligraphy by Alison Carmichael, image found via Oh Joy!

introducing little lexie


Its been a whole 11 days since I last posted - sorry about my useless-ness!! I have a wee project I am working on...
Im breaking news I am a brand new aunty to little Lexie born February 2nd, & our Winter 2010 range - An Indian Soiree - is about to be released... our new catalogue is hot off the press. Stay posted for some pics in the coming week :)