love cards


House of Aroha always produces the goods.
Im crazy about these limited edition (sold out?), gold foil, love cards.

the wild unknown


Limited edition, hand watercoloured prints.



I cant read a word of this blog, but boy it has some lovely stuff.
oh... I just found a translate button, thanks goggle!!!


fortune cookie

I love getting (& eating) fortune cookies, cracking them open to see what my future awaits.
Now I can customise (but not eat) my own. I see fame & fortune coming my way...



Introducing Australian etsy seller Inaluxe.
Loving the quirky style & use of colour.

good taste


Love cookies?
Love Helvetica?
Then look at this!! Helvetica cookie cutters by Beverly Hsu. Awesome.

I love betsy dunlap's calligraphy & think this tattoo is the sweetest.

expensive taste


haha, this is hilarious!
Do you like to show off your expensive purchases? Then this pillow is the perfect thing for you!

"What's in a price? Show off your high end taste, or surprise a friend with an expensive gift. The printed price tag is twice the sale price of the pillow..."

can you smell burning?

tea towel

My dad is not the best cook. I think this tea towel would work wonders for him and his smoke alarm.

a bunch of roses


Im a big Papercup fan, & have just seen their new t-shirt over at Endemic World.

down at the local library


I had some jewellery stolen last year. Once my insurance claim comes through im hoping to replace some of my missing pieces with something by Local Library.



My Big Day Out cherry was popped this weekend - I cant believe I waited this long! Its was awesome. The sun was out in full strength after rain was forecast, the crowd was strong & slightly slutty, & the music was manic!!! Loved it.
Acts of the day/night? - Girl talk & Muse.

be mine


Before you know it, Feburary will roll around & Valentines day will be knocking at the door.
A wee stop to etsy shop Linotte will tick the V day card off the list.

image of the day...

studio violet
By studio violet.
By Studio Violet.
I would have to say that studio violet would be at the top of my 'wish this was my blog' list.
Lovely :)



Are you a birdy & me fan?
Yes? Then you'll be pleased to know that in celebration of the new year (yay for 2010!) all prints are $10 off for this week only.
Hurry, hurry, hurry!!

an apple a day...


...keeps the doctor away.
Happy 2010 everyone!
If your new years resolution is all about healthy eating & excercise (sigh!) then this Apple a Day calender may be exactly what you need! A great way to make a boring task fun, dont you think? & a full chart looks so pretty :)