acorn heaven


Hmmm... I feel an acorn festish coming on. Check these out!!!
Should I get them? Should I??? Yes??
Etsy seller truLuxe

my little acorn


I finally bit the bullet & bought this acorn necklace by Neawear. Ive been fawning over it forever, & with the current exchange rate I just couldn’t resist!

a little diva


Do you like my new ring?
Don’t tell anyone, but its from Diva. Shhhh….

hey...look what happened when i uploaded my photo! kinda cool dont you think?



ohhh... Showpony!
Look at all this goodness!!

you are my sunshine


I love the way people are becoming more & more creative with rejected, junk shop find ceramics.
These pigeons, made by Australian artist Mel Robson , are cut from old dinner plates. Now, im not usually a fan of the old pigeon (flying rats as I like to call them) but these lovely creations would have a happy home on one of my walls.

p.s - check out her exploding gun!

but its so good!


Mmmm... I love mustard. Mustard on a cheese sandwich. I couldnt think of anything better...

Papercut alice in wonderland quote by Mr Yen

on yer bike


I spent the weekend cycling to the bakery for Almond Croissants. Yum!
I wish I had had one of these bicycle carcass necklaces by Maureen Duffy; to wear, not to ride.


Ive just seen these in the latest issue of Inside Out & had to show you straight away.
They are by Australian jeweller/designer Dee Lauren.
I have to get back to work...

the tattooed lady


'Candy floss & carnivals, palm readers & fire eaters; step right up folks & check out the mysterious, the notorious, the loveliest Tattooed Lady.'

This just says it all.
Desperately saving for Binkie's Tattooed Lady t-shirt.

news from the city of reubens


A number of lovely images found over at City of Ruebens news page. Images come from the streets of melbourne & sketch books.

silver lining

silver lining

Im having a quiet day after a fun long weekend.
Looking out the window the clouds in the sky seem to be glowing silver.
They have reminded me of these clouds with silver linings.

all the right words

Another lovely calendar design.
Found via Oh Joy!

Its a long weekend here, so im heading off for a few days. The weather is looking good...I think?!
Happy weekend everyone!

oh... we've been burgled again! Its the second time in 3 months. My blogs may be a bit thin on the ground as I wait for my insurance to buy me a new power adapter so I can use my lap top (which they didnt get thank goodness!).

red owl

Did i tell you my sister is going to have a baby? Ive bought her this Sugarloop print (shes having a girl)...

The close second was this Tree Trunk Owl print...

which was inspired by this lovely vase...

pony club


Am loving Ponyrider's products & photoshoot. I wonder who their stylist is?

counting down


Im seeing 2010 calendars popping up more & more, as 2009 draws to a fast approaching end.
This Camilla Engman is my pick. She ships overseas too!
whats yours?

oh, honey, honey...


Mmmmm.... I LOVE honey.
Honey in a lovely jar? even better!
Available online at Clever Bastards.


We get our suppliers to do invisible zips all the time. Its been a long while since I last did one (about 10 years ago during high school sewing), & wouldn't know where to start if, for some reason, I had to do one tomorrow...
Ink and Spindle has posted an
invisible zip tutorial. So, if the need now ever arises, I will know exactly what to do :) Hooray!

extra padding

hanging green bird by anny & me
Blooming by JiuJiu
Pink Paisley Roses by Lollington
I need a padded sleeve/bag for my new (yay!!) laptop. Do I buy one of these, or do I make my own?

those puppy dog eyes...

Oh how I wish you were mine!



Can anyone remember how to make pompoms?
Do you wrap wool around a circle template, cut it & then tie it off??



26th November.
30 artists.
300 artworks.
Dont be late.
but most importantly...



Have you ever dreamt of owning a felt tea set?

andrea & sam...this ones for you!


I have to credit this find to Studio Home Creative, prints by Perth based Badhair Mountain.

Haha, I have to get some of these for my bogan friends. Ok, so they arent actually bogans... but if you're gonna live out west you're gonna get labelled!!



Most of my childhood involved flowers. My parents were growers, & mum was a dab hand at throwing together bouquets. I, however, seem to have lucked out on that particular gene & all I can do is admire from afar.
Today, my admiration has fallen on Poppy & Rose's one off, original designs. Pretty? YEP!!

welcome to blog land

One of my fav, small NZ clothing labels now has its own blog. Welcome papercup!!
P.S: Im about to watch Ghost... Im 27 years old & have never ever seen it. My BF couldnt believe it!


Ive been reading about some new cookbooks. One was particulary interesting, & set the old wheels turning (sorry ive thrown away the article & cant remember the name of the book)
I have a question... Does anyone face the problem of what to eat for lunch?

When it comes to this particular meal I am continually stuck. Im sick of cheese & tomato, or avocado & tomato, or ham, cheese & tomato. I want something new!

I walk around the supermarket & have no probs buy ingredients for dinner, but get home & realise ive completely forgotten to sort out lunch...

When it comes to lunch, I want something that is either quick & easy to prepare the night before, or while at work with limited kitchen supplies.
I want sandwich ideas, salad ideas & more.

What do you eat for lunch? What do your partners, friends & work mates eat for lunch? And I dont mean last nights leftovers!! I want to see if I can compile a group of recipes to conquer my daily lunch time battle of 'what should I eat?"
The final outcome would be to print a lunch recipe book, or something along these lines.

If you're a regular visitor to my blog, or brand new (hello!) then please, help me out & post some lunch suggestions... Im getting hungry!

making a splash

During a break in the weather I ventured out to the city designers market last weekend. Have you been? Its definitely worth a look. I bought this burst of colour, the Splash skirt by Flox

This two items, also by Flox are on my wish list...